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Ravyn X1 month ago994 min

From the foreboding opening track “Ghosts in My Kitchen” which reminds me of a horror movie soundtrack, all the way through to it’s closing with “Tuesday Rite”, Josh Lamison’s second album Relic from his solo project Retaliate of Anger conjures up the raw industrial sounds of long-standing artists in the EDM/Industrial genre. Reminiscent of acts like Skinny Puppy, Suicide Commando, Velvet Acid Christ, and even Wumpscut, this album bore its way into my darkest memories like a post-apocalyptic, parasitic hate fueled machine. Despite the fact that it claims to be “two projects in one”, there is one pervasive theme. It’s a misanthropic journey through his personal hell, one wrought with blasphemy, hatred, and visions of death and destruction.

Drawing on the classic formula most successful in this genre, it’s pulsing and consistent bass lines, distorted vocals, and use of a whole slew of gritty, crunchy, and often times violent soundscapes are a welcome release for me. It drew out my own visions of pain, misery, and long suppressed anger against a cold and relentlessly uncaring world. This Schwenksville, PA resident seems to have vicariously lived life through my own existence, drawing lyrical themes from my favorite childhood series; Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.

There wasn’t any track on this album that I didn’t enjoy, but if I had to make note of my favorites, it would be “Destroyer, Shelter”, marching along like a caustic death machine with one mission: destroy everything, and “CUMBOMB PART 2 (shoot for the womb)”, creating visions of a virus infected glitched out sadistic cyborg, drilling into the rotting flesh of a long dead world.

Relic easily fits into ANY well curated Industrial or EDM collection, and is available on all major digital platforms. I look forward to the unique darkness that only Retaliate of Anger is capable of creating, and highly recommend this to any hardcore industrial fan, new and old alike.

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