When you bring together some of the best known musicians from previous bands, you can rest assured that the resulting sound is going to be something amazing, and Reign of Z is no exception to that. Formed just this past year, this band has an appetite for success that they fulfill at every turn. Already hitting the studio, they have newly released singles, “Whispers in the Walls” and “Pray for Her”, both stunning examples of their combined talents.


    I have been watching this band from before they even had Facebook. I attended their first show and so I have seen the dedication to creating something outstanding from the very beginning. Before even setting foot on stage they had a plan and took their craft seriously. They started strong, stronger than many bands I’ve seen, but each time I’ve seen them they have grown as a band in their sound and stage presence. This isn’t just a band… it’s a machine, and each member takes the time to fine tune their piece of it. In less than a year they have created a following of true fans on their social media pages, https://www.facebook.com/ReignofZ/ (Facebook) as well as @ReignofZofficial (Instagram)  and they aren’t showing any signs of stopping.


    Reign of Z has become well known among the heaviest of bands for their energetic and dark music with personal messages hidden in the lyrics behind metal guitars, heavy bass and rapid fire drum beats. The song “Whispers in the Walls” was written by Zosia West, vocalist, as a reflection on her feelings of the death of a friend. Even with the driving beat, her emotions poor out with lyrics such as “This can’t be real. Waiting for the call… The good die young after all..”. This isn’t some sappy ballad, mind you, it’s the rage and heartbreak and betrayal we feel at the loss of someone who should have been in our lives but whose story ended far too early. That seldom spoke of emotional turmoil we go through in the wake of the pain. Her soaring vocals are the catalyst of feeling that carry the words through Amanda Blackwell’s drum beats that capture the staccato of tragedy – that feeling of your heart racing and stopping at the same time. The growling vocals Reign of Z known for are brought to a new plain with the dark metal tones of guitarists Steven Lords and Zach Cunningham with a very upfront bass, played by Stephen Burg, wrapping around the other notes and bringing the whole song together.


    In all, their music is well written, and while I was only sent “Whispers in the Walls”, of course I couldn’t help but sneak a listen in on “Pray for Her” when it was also released on https://reignofz.bandcamp.com/. A staple in their set and far less… ‘friendly’, I was not disappointed at their transition from stage to studio with this song. I love it when parts of a song come out and grab you, and the demonic growls of “Where is your God, now?” definitely do that. I’m not going to spoil the surprise of this song for you but I can tell you from experience that Zosia’s pale demon eyes light up during this song. It’s one of those things that make the fans scream along or simply scream. The raw emotion of this song makes it one of my favorites of their’s and when you hear it, I know you’ll have a playlist you’ll need it to be on.


    With experience, overwhelming talent and a dark theatrical stage show Reign of Z is a must see as well as a must listen to. Check them out at The Funhouse at Mr. Small’s on February 17th with their friends in Winter’s Decent and Fire in Elysium, find the details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2034093799939667/, and since I’ll be emcee at that show, I’d love to hear your thoughts after you see this amazing act yourself. You can also find them featured at   https://www.facebook.com/PALocalbands/ or https://www.facebook.com/akmscene/ . Reign of Z is certainly one of those bands you expect to see on tour… and with the direction they’re going, you just might get the chance soon.



Lady Jaye

Jana Lee Macheca

Jana Lee Macheca (aka Lady Jaye) is the owner and editor of First Angel Media as well as professional photographer and writer. Having worked in national and local levels of music media her goal is to provide professional coverage for bands of all levels.

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