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Red Eleven gives listeners a high-powered message of forgiveness with single “Before I Fall”

A lot of bands take on an emotional, true-life outlook when it comes to writing music. For Red Eleven, their music is an overflowing outpour of the true situations and movements of life, especially with their latest moody single, “Before I Fall.” 

Red Eleven is a hard-rock band out of Finland ready to make an influence on the rest of the world. They’re currently working on their fourth album, “Handled With Chaos,” but along the way have been releasing singles from the album. The third single off the album is their heavy-hitter, Before I Fall.”

The new single is smoothly written with unbroken guitar solos and hard-hitting melodies to create a song about looking over one’s life right before death. The song features the spirituous vocals of singer, Toni Kaikkonen as it explores the triumphs of life as well as those moments one finds themselves repeating over in their head with regret. The chorus of the song rings out, “I see the world from different eyes//Ready to accept the call//Willing to lose it all.” It’s a message of finally letting go of what you can’t control and coping with regrets. It explores the complex thoughts about reassessing life and ultimately comes to the conclusion that forgiveness is the key to peace.

Besides the intense lyrics, the single is pushed along by the powerful instrumentals. It’s really the instrumentals that make this song, the consistent fill of sound really gets the urgency of the message across. The music itself is almost a mix of new alternative rock and hard rock with harmonic bass and overlaying drums. The combination of these two genres makes a melodic ensemble full of passion. Then there’s the guitar solo towards the end that ties together any loose ends with its effortless tune. There’s not a point in the song where one isn’t impacted by the instrumentals just as much as the lyrics.

Overall this single is one of the most emotional rock hits of today. Between the skilled musicianship of the band and the hefty voice of the lead singer, it’s a song listeners won’t soon forget. The heartfelt passion of the entire band is what makes the song so special. Red Eleven isn’t afraid to put everything in their heart on the line for others to know they’re not alone in their confusion over their choices.