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Full disclosure, I’ve done some work with Decent News, know them to be generally good guys, and have followed and supported them and their label, Machine Man Records, for a few years now.  That said, any inherent bias aside, you will no doubt agree that their new EP Televisual available for free on Bandcamp, is the band at their absolute zenith.

The title track starts things off with Eddie LaFlash’s unmistakable and crushing guitar riffs and signature tone.  Synths and industrial percussion, along with vocalist Caleb Moore’s distorted growl wash over the brutality to create a juxtaposed ambiance that is sleek, futuristic, and familiar to a fan of the band’s past output.  So a cover of a song like “Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You” might not be what you’d expect next, but the band definitely give it the Decent News treatment.  “Gankino Horo” and “From Beyond” gave me the biggest thrills, showcasing some influence from prog-metal auteurs like Devin Townsend and The Dillinger Escape Plan, yet remaining completely in line with the band’s identity.  “Prank Video” wraps things up with some vintage Decent News goodness and winds down an EP that really finds the band exploring, broadening, and showing a newfound confidence in what they can do as musicians.

The inclusion of influences outside of industrial metal is welcome and gives a sense of dimension and scope that was approached on previous album Monolith but fully realized here.  I for one, can’t wait to see a new full length from Decent News, if this new EP is any indication on what’s to come.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, download Televisual for free from the band’s Bandcamp page!