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Ravyn X1 month ago727 min

“I looked to the sky, and saw nothing. I looked under the dirt, and found nothing. When I closed my eyes, and forgot the world around me, I found the seed. Oh the seed is small and black, it is The Serpent Seed. I stood before the mirror. I raised one hand, and so did my reflection. I saw eyes, skin, lips, and hair. I saw myself. But this is not me, there is no life there… Unbless You” – Razakel

Razakel. The Godless Goddess of Gore. The Serpentine Queen. Undead and Unstoppable. There’s no denying her as the undisputed ruler of the underworld of horrorcore. One thing is for sure, her Shrunken Head Entertainment team has decimated the year of the plague ruthlessly with a massive lineup of cursed albums, blasphemous videos, and a deadly entourage of unheavenly hitters willing to sacrifice their souls to The Reversed Madonna of Santa Muerte.

I’ve gotta be honest, I heard Razakel well over a decade ago, and even back then I knew she was fierce and full of fire; evolving into the ethereal hexecutioner she is today. I had the pleasure of her company when she was on tour during her Bump In The Night run across the US when she made an unbelievable stop at Sub Alpine Society here in Pittsburgh, where they filmed part of the “Bump In The Night” music video. Performing with the local lyrical assassinator, the former Brutal Business Entertainment headmaster Skippy Ickum; Razakel and her crew raised the hordes of Hades in a murderous massacre of monstrous proportions. And since then her catalog of corpses has continued to catapult each other to the absolute top of the underground music scene.

Coming in with her 14th solo album, Even In Death, set to be released Christmas Day, Razakel hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down her assault on the very fabric of reality itself. This is the pinnacle of her ritual as The Grand High Witch Bitch, a necromantic nightmare of ravenous rhymes, slicing and dicing through your darkest desires of death and decay. It’s infectious and blasphemous. A bloodbath of genre bending beats, demanding a devotion of demonic desecration.

The holidays are looking a little darker this year, and Razakel’s final violent act in The Shrunken Head Strangulation of 2020 is alive, Even In Death. Check out the newest piece of cursed cinema from the Godless Goddess below, “Curse Box (Unbless You)” and presave the newest album here.

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