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Patrick McElravy1 year ago4294 min

Like your metal with a touch of ambience and proggy djent? Maybe some mentally deranged and psychotic vocals served on the side? New Chicago based outfit “Psithurism” have just released their debut EP and it might just be the flavor your looking for…….

The guys waste little to no time getting down to what they are all about. Djent flavored metalcore with just the right amount of technical flair, Psithurism have certainly produced a tasty ep that leaves you wanting more. The track “Guillotine” is a mid paced affair, featuring chucky riffs and eerie lead guitars that crush like a 5 car pile up. Vocalist Matt Matigian does an excellent job of adding to the chaos with his emotional lyrics and dense vocals, displaying great range along with ebb and flow amongst his delivery. The final breakdown is definitely a standout on the Ep. Leading single “Ex Oblivione” follows in a similar fashion, this time adding more ambience amongst the distressed atmosphere. Weaving in and out of progressive yet fluid time changes, you can really see the band’s knack for melody coupled with dense riffage in this track. The final 2 main tracks we really see the band lock it in and drive the Ep home on a high note. “Colossus” features some of the most technical riffage and manic vocals seen on this release (authorities may have been called due to me spin kicking passer-bys as I was rocking out to this track). Tech-metal reigns the parade on this track and it is tasty indeed. “Everything and Nothing” finishes out the Ep on the right note, keeping up with the intensity but toning it down to beautiful and somber clean passages. Clean vocals manage to make their first appearance, a welcome change of pace indeed. The track comes to a bludgeoning close with a slow, dense breakdown section that wraps everything up nicely leaving the listener battered and bloody.

Psithurism have definitely got an impressive debut on their hands. With outstanding production (which was done in-house I should add), stellar songwriting, execution, and track placement….I’m hoping these guys stick around for the long haul. They are now gearing up to start hitting the stage soon and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this band. Be sure to keep up to date as I see things taking off for these gentlemen in the near future……..

Patrick McElravy

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