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Kylie Thomas3 months ago2498 min

“What you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call Here and Now.” That’s how the intro to Joviac’s second studio album Here and Now starts off. It’s clear from the beginning intro of the album that this is going to be a deep journey into philosophical and conceptual viewpoints and hard-hitting music.

Joviac is a progressive metal band from Finland who are working to progress metal as it is and take in blends from all genres. The band has currently just released their second studio album on April 3.  The band got its start from frontman Viljami Jupiter Wenttola who used Joviac as an outlet to spread his thoughts into a medium. From there Joviac released its first album, self-titled, Joviac. It was a great start for the band to get its name out there and start the progression into what it has become today.

After the release of the first album, Wenttola decided to bring the band into a full band, collaborative effort to progress the band further. The band moved on to include Antti Varjanne on bass and Rudy Fabritius on drums with their first full band single, “State of Mind”. The addition of members gave Joviac the push it needed to produce a more sophisticated style and to tell conceptualized ideas and stories through the lyrics. They’ve taken on a challenge to dive deep, to bring in all kinds of different musical elements for inspiration, and they’ve started a new path of making a statement in the world.

One of the most interesting things about Here and Now is that there is a clear stand out of the music about other progressive metal bands. Unlike most bands with an album, Joviac doesn’t focus on just one style that they make a point to stick through throughout the whole album. In fact, some of the songs aren’t what you’d expect from a metal band but for some reason the song wouldn’t come together if it were any other way.

Joviac allows the style of the music to shift based on the subject matter. The band isn’t afraid to explore different styles of music even if they are labeled progressive metal. For instance, “Fade Into The Light”, which is the last track on the album, takes in elements of soft rock and even pop music. There are pop-like, electric guitar riffs and soft rock vocal melodies that combine within the music. This makes perfect sense for the song as it gives an overall finish to the album. It represents a mind at peace with the idea of losing someone physically but never losing them within. It’s about the completion of worries to now being calm.

The title track of the album Here and Now takes on this role of lyric and musical matching as well. This track starts off with much more of a progressive metal sound than the aforementioned “Fade Into The Light”. The track is filled with high-end metal guitar riffs as well as fast and deep bass and drum hits. The strong metal sound matches the lyrics which speak of taking credit for what you’ve done and coming back stronger because of it. It’s representative of not giving up and the quick riffs and energetic beat reflect this, it makes the listener feel alive and ready to take on anything. In fact, the entire album seems to have a theme of strength and freedom.

The band is working to provide listeners with something different than the metal that fans have heard all their lives. They want to show their own version of this classic genre and continue to progress the genre into a nest of emotion and freedom to express the ways of the world today. Their new album Here and Now is the perfect way to achieve this. Joviac’s lyrics are true to life, they speak of real instances and conceptualizes thought and emotion. They break through to the listener to go beyond just hearing the lyrics. The instrumentation matches up to these astounding lyrics and might actually overtop the lyrical value due to the pure talent and raw sound from these musicians. 

Joviac represents the future of metal. The band is an interesting change up from the classic metal style and presents a new way to think about music. With how much the band has grown Here and Now is a fresh start with an endless path. It’s a great album filled with blending styles, melodic riffs, powerful beats, and an interesting story from beginning to end. 

Kylie Thomas

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