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Patrick McElravy9 months ago14915 min

Pittsburgh experimental juggernauts Prime 8 have emerged with a brand new Ep aptly titled “Metamorphosis“. Having recently signed to Brutal Business Entertainment, the band are hitting the ground running with their fresh batch of auditory tomfoolery.

“Metamorphosis” definitely doesn’t waste any time showing its experimental colors. Ranging from the trudging dirge of stoner metal to the swift D-beat of crust punk……on paper it doesn’t read anything out of the ordinary, but it’s an experience you have to hear for yourself. Another interesting dynamic is the band opted out of using a guitar for lead most of the time, but replacing it with violins to fill the void (hey there Yellowcard, long time no see). This definitely provides an edgy vibe to the band’s chaotic nature, often times building up the atmosphere with beautiful doses of melody and harmony or adding to the dissonant carnival ride the band are known for. The vocals add another dimension as well, which will be hit or miss with some I would imagine, but round out the band’s sound nicely. Imagine Rob Zombie and Phil Anselmo hanging out chain smoking while Stone Cold Steve Austin sits in the back chugging a beer………with a description like that you have a good idea of what to expect vocally.

Key cuts from “Metamorphosis” include lead single “Black Banana” and “Love, Drugs, and Headlines”. “Black Banana” stomps and rages like a methed out Social Distortion track. Pure punk rock attitude takes the helm as the band deliver one of their sharpest and catchiest tunes on the album with its gang vocal shouts during the chorus. “Love, Drugs, and Headlines” takes a different approach. The band really build up a giant soundscape that is captivating and sees them working at their best here. In the chorus we hear some almost monk chant type vocals that really add a different texture as well with its’ shreddy, off-kilter guitar solo. A really original track with definite replay value indeed.

“Metamorphosis” overall is a very well put together album. The band could tighten up in a couple places, but have definitely harnessed themselves a very refreshing and edgy style. With it’s raw primitive nature (see what I did there?), it’s no doubt Prime 8’s “Metamorphosis” will be a must have for those in the underground punk and metal scene. Be sure to keep tabs on Prime 8 and catch them on a stage near you!

Patrick McElravy

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  • Joshua Bowers

    July 2, 2019 at 7:52 pm

    great write up! Great band, great people! I know they’ve recently been transitioning a new strings man, who is rocking it totally. So the tightening up is surely happening! But on this release, you cannot fault a man thrown in the grinder that is Prime 8 and doing it so successfully! What is to come is surely amazing. I mean these guys got the chops that they play with one of my most nostalgic bands Hed(pe). The future is theirs and it will be something to see them own it going forth. Go check out this diddy, and open your mind to things you may not expect from all fields and genres!


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