Music ReviewsPrime 8’s Praiseworthy Pursuit, Gods of the Anthropiods

Jess ZoricJune 21, 2022

Pittsburgh favorite Prime 8 just dropped their new album, Gods of the Anthropiods, on all streaming services. Of course I had to give it a little lookie-loo, and I’m here to share my findings with the class.

This album starts off with a really cool synth track called “Misdirection” that’s both dancey and dark. The metal vocal samples were the perfect match to the electronic groove, and it was a great intro for what’s to come with the rest of the album.

After that, we get into the metal meatiness we would expect and love from the gang. The guitar riffs (Pete and Alex) are sick, I’m feeling that bass (Mikey), and that drummer. That DRUMMER – those DRUMS (Dave). They’re heavenly hardcore. The addition of synth/keyboard (Jeff) brings it all up a level. Top it all off with vocals that are a growlin’ good time and unapologetic lyrics (Sean), all jam-packed into 25 minutes and 16 seconds of mammalian mayhem.

Some notable tracks are of course their previously released single “Feast at a Famine”  – if you haven’t checked out their video for this song yet, please do so now below:

(I also participated in an incredibly stupid, and by stupid I mean wonderful, reaction video for their video which you can check out as well right here.) It’s a bangin’ track you’ll enjoy bangin’ your head along to!

The always loveable Ryan Unrue (Neostem) joined in for guest vocals on both “Darkside Tommy” and “Pinebox”. Ryan and Sean are a great match vocally, and Ryan’s added vocals really kicked it up a notch. The boys can scream, and I am here for it!

Another personal favorite of mine is their title track, “Gods of the Anthropods”. This one is just a lot of fun. The music and vocals are a lot more playful and goofier on this one by comparison to the rest of the album.  I can’t NOT smile during the chorus, that voice just tickles my fancy.

The album closes with a live version of their song “Black Banana”. Even though it’s a live recording the sound is clear, and I’m thankful because they’re some of my favorite lyrics. How could anyone not like this track? I mean, it’s about an old banana getting fruit flies, right? It’s very relatable and it’s the fricking worst. There is likely a deeper meaning here I’m missing, but until I know I’ll be enjoying the old-fruit-themed song on my own terms.

The production quality of the album is, *chef’s kiss*, well done – the kind of quality I’d expect from Razorblade Recordings. 11/10, would recommend.

I can honestly say from beginning to end, this album is a good time. Check out Prime 8’s Gods of the Anthropiods here:

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  • Sean

    June 22, 2022 at 4:31 pm

    Jess you and the whole First Angel Media team you rock! We appreciate your kind words and feedback. Much love from the fucking band Prime 8!!

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