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Darren Lewis8 months ago3073 min


I heard the whirring blades and tank treads in the distance. I caught a glimpse of the colossal, titanium abattoir rolling over the defilers and gluttons and tyrants. I heard their screams as the killing machine gurgled in satisfaction. I saw its four operators grin approvingly.

Post Mortal Possession are the band that devoured Cannibal Corpse, butchered Cattle Decapitation, and buried Six Feet Under, all with a handful of material in their war chest. After having released two EP’s since 2014, Perpetual Descent marks Post Mortal Descent’s first full-length album, and it annihilates any doubts that this Pittsburgh death metal quartet are very much for real and harbor a deep hunger for focused, precise havoc.Tracks such as lead single “Ingesting Sewage,” “Genetically Modified Disease, “Anthrophagi,” and devastating finisher “Architects of Genocide,” demonstrate not only a level of musical virtuosity seemingly borne of a computer-like intelligence but also a bloodthirsty intellectualism through their lyrics that many acts in their niche lack. Post Mortal Possession have something to say beneath the gore, and they want you to chew or choke on it.

Imagine the brute force of a band such as Vader combined with the science of Rings of Saturn and the esoteric wrath of Nile. Or need we imagine?

Perpetual Descent falls from
the skies November 17th. I have felt and witnessed its power. Consider this a warning.

Darren Lewis

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