Music ReviewsNews & OpinionPost Mortal Possession “Gates of Lyssa” Single Review

Patrick McElravyFebruary 19, 2020

Arguably one of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s heaviest, Post Mortal Posession have just released their brand new single “Gates of Lyssa” exclusively through Slam Worldwide and boy, is it a grinding barrage of Slam and Brutal Death Metal.

If Waking the Cadaver and Embryonic Devourment had invested in modern recording production, you would get a glimpse of what we have in “Gates of Lyssa”. I closed my mind while I let Post Mortal Possession bash my head off of the proverbial concrete and a very specific and vivid image came to mind: zombies tearing my flesh apart only to feast and devour my organs one by one. Inhuman drumming coupled with churning power chords and bass devastate as the vocals roar in guttural fashion with inhaled pig squeals. It’s a menacing and bloody affair, one I can’t seem to pull away from. Despite its knack for brutality for brutality’s sake, “Gates of Lyssa” proves to be a fun listen despite causing sensory overload.  While Post Mortal Possession doesn’t tread far off the beaten path for the Slamming Brutal Death genre, they do an impeccable job of keeping the listener engaged as they destroy any sense of sanctity one might have had prior to listening to this bludgeoning track.

With a punishing single like “Gates of Lyssa”, I greatly look forward to what Post Mortal Possession have in store next. Their blend of Death Metal, Grind, and Slam is infectious, to say the least, as I can’t stop listening or spin kicking kids off of my front porch for that matter. Currently signed to Lord of the Sick Recordings, be sure to keep tabs on what these guys have in store as they ramp up to burn and pillage their way across stages in the tri-state area.