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Josh Doran1 month ago1558 min
Post Mortal Possession recently released “Catacombs of Bedlam”, which in’t your ordinary album but a journey through an institutionalized hell and, as our writer Josh Doran put it, “A relentlessly brutal horror show”. We asked him to give it a review and he broke it down for us…


1. “Demented”
Introducing the concept of the album, this track paints a picture of the story of Bedlam, a horrific tale of the residents of a demented institution. They lay in the catacombs of the facility, chained to the walls, left to rot, subjected to experiments, and violated in brutal ways to attain control and obedience.

2. “Gates of Lyssa”
Step through the gates. This song explodes with ferocity, opening the album with a slam. This song takes us into The Catacombs Of Bedlam, a horror show of an institution that is as brutal as the machine gun style riffs that set the stage for it. Each transition in this song drew me deeper into the craziness that led into the rest of the album. The abrupt ending is perfect.

3. “Labyrinth Within Lunacy”
This song is a testament to the stamina of the band’s drummer. The insane blast beats and consistently blistering rhythms are impressive. The guitars paint a picture of heavy dark scenes. The breakdown in the middle of this song is one of my favorites of the album. The vocals throughout this song are an incredible range of different kinds of screams, growls, and squeals. The ending includes some of the coolest gutturals I’ve heard. The musicianship of these guys cannot be stated enough, it’s a pounding workout just listening to them play.

4. “Congenital Syphilitic Entombment“
The opening of this song has a great groove, and it breaks into a grinding guttural onslaught that pounds continually forward. This song showcases the range of PMP, balancing insane speedy riffs with more open breakdowns.

5. “Lobotomizing The God Particle“
This is definitely my favorite song on the album. The insane riffs that open this song is exactly the kind of barely-controlled chaos that I’ve come to expect from this band. Their vocalist has increased his range and ability so much that I’m convinced that some of the sounds on this track are not human. Every transition and new set of riffs is absolutely punishing. This is a song about being lobotomized, and it absolutely delivers.

6. “Psychotropic Paradise”
This song is a trip, literally. This is a song about being pumped so full of psychotropic drugs that everything fades to oblivion. The main riff that starts this song is a driving headbanger, and the song includes quite a few interesting changes that pull the listener through a range of altered states, and push you closer to the edge. The breakdown at 2:35 in this song is absolutely brutal.

7. “Monarch”
This track sets up the finale of the album, with a speech about transorbital lobotomies, a medical procedure by which they drill a hole into your skull behind your eye, and inject alcohol into the front of your brain. This sets the stage for what is to come.

8. “Catacombs Of Bedlam”
The title track of the album will take the last bits of your sanity and crush them to dust. The continuous volley of bass drum hits feel like a machine gun going off, and that is only the beginning of the song. The track transitions to a really interesting moving riff set that is reminiscent of walking down the dark, dank corridors beneath the facility, and opens up into an epic climax of chaos that finishes the album off with a bang.

Overall, if you like any kind of extreme metal, you’re going to get down to this. I have seen Post Mortal Possession live countless times and they tear the house down every time they take the stage. The mix on this album brings their stage presence to my speakers, aggressive and huge. I was particularly impressed by this, as I am a sucker for good production. Catacombs Of Bedlam has just been released, continuing the downward spiral into madness, despair, and decay. Go follow Post Mortal Possession for Pittsburgh’s best slam metal.


Josh Doran

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