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Patrick McElravy4 months ago1125 min

Ohio-based black metal fanatics Plagueweilder have just dropped their newest album Suffering From Self Inflicted Wounds. With its lo-fi tendencies and dark atmosphere, the band aims to unleash their fury on the underground with this release.

To be point blank, Plaguweilder’s newest batch of tunes are ungodly (no pun intended) to say the least. Nothing is sacred (besides maybe the Dark Lord himself) as the band rips through five tracks of unrelenting mayhem. Suffering From Self Inflicted Wounds bombards its victims like a gong ceremony in one’s bedroom after a night of binge-drinking high end IPAs and exercises in sacrilegious subterfuge (if one chooses to indulge in such activities). The lo-fi production on the album really captures the essence of these songs, leaving it raw and scathing with enough punch in the mix to bring the listener back for more punishment.

Plagueweilder cram alot into this release, allowing for a broadened exchange of tense and violent performances from the band. They cover plenty of ground in a short amount of time and do it rather efficiently. Album openers Coffin Filled with Dust and Suffering From Self Inflicted Wounds launch the album like a tremolo-picked locomotive. Short, sweet, and to the point, Plagueweilder get down to business and open things up in a rather violent manner. Do You Hear Them Howling? slows things down a bit, but doesn’t lose a touch of intensity. With the addition of some melody and dissonance intertwined throughout the track, it harkens back to the days of when The Agony Scene were a thing. The guitars in this track are as beautiful as they are punishing, resulting in a cut that stands out from the surrounding brutality. Bite It You Scum returns to form with some punk-infused thrash via GG Allin. While not the strongest cut on the album, I’m sure this is a great tune in a live setting with its infectious energy and dark aura. In the Pines ends the album on a rather brooding note. With an extremely muddy and reverb-laden acoustic and vocal section, we hear Lead Belly’s Where Did You Sleep Last Night on repeat, as wind howls ferociously in the background. It seems like an odd way to close out a black metal album, but the band pulled it off with confidence, meshing it perfectly into the dark tapestry of the album. An intriguing and creative closer to round out the package.

While Suffering From Self Inflicted Wounds won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I can definitely see a large portion of the underground community eating these guys up. With confident songwriting and performances, I can really see them spreading their hellish wings and establishing themselves as a staple of the scene. Keep tabs on Plagueweilder and catch them on a stage near you; this isn’t the last you will be hearing from them!




Patrick McElravy

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