Music ReviewsPillars/Wallcreeper split

Patrick McElravyAugust 28, 2019

Often times when the metal genre is mentioned, the state of Ohio comes to mind. Having a rich metal scene featuring bands like Mushroomhead, Affiance, and A Killer’s Confession to name a few; I have a funny suspicion it won’t be long before Cleveland’s Pillars will be amongst those ranks. The band just released their split Ep with “Wallcreeper” and are quickly proving they are a force to be reckoned with.

The sound Pillars belts out on this Ep can be described as follows: a ten car pile up on top of broken glass, falling into a tar pit while acid rain pours down from the sky, then watching this fiasco happen in slow motion, rewinding, and then watching it again at double speed. It’s a lot to take in, and certainly not for the faint of heart. In 3 tracks the band blasts through a barrage of crust punk, grind, and sludge metal scary enough to make grandpa drop a massive dook in his depends. Dirty power chords, thick distorted bass, blasting drums, and agonized yelps fill the airwaves throughout the band’s duration of the split. A Lot happens at break-neck speed, so repeated listens may be needed to absorb the sonic onslaught. Fortunately Pillars’ knack for carnage is a fun listen that allows for high replay value.

With only 3 tracks, the band make one hell of a statement. First cut “No Future” stomps and storms out the gate like Motorhead deciding to go full blown crust punk. Thrashing power chords and blazing drums fire away as the bass shakes the ground beneath you. The vocals shriek and howl with little bits of Danzig esque vocals to switch it up, but never letting off of the intensity. “100 Knives” wouldn’t be out of place on a Cult Leader album with its manic time changes and dissonant chords and octaves. The groove on this track is ungodly, giving it MVP like status amongst their half of the split. “We Will Rise” shows us the band at their most dynamic. With an almost Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde mindset towards riffage and pace, the band swarm like locust during the apocalypse and descend slowly like a dense, black fog for the duration of it’s almost 7 minute run. With it’s pseudo melodic tendencies and chunky low end riffage, “We Will Rise” proves to be an intense listen that will have you craving for more with their installment on the album.

With a sound as dirty and dark as depths of hell itself, Pillars really knocked it out of the park with this release. While the band is still carving their niche within the styles of grind and sludge, there are definitely signs of a promising band coming into their own here. Be sure to get a download of the Pillars/Wallcreeper split today; and catch Pillars at this year’s Descendants of Crom festival at Cattivo in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.