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Patrick McElravy3 months ago1993 min

This has been an album long time coming and I’m stoked to finally get my hands on it. Everrett, Pennsylvania’s Paradigm have finally dropped the follow up to their 2014 self titled album.

The album “Monolith” plays like an album crafted in the twisted distorted mind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. With a very well placed track list the album overall plays out very smoothly, taking the listener to hell and back. Monolith’s sound ranges from the thrashy and groove laden riffage of bands like early Machine Head and Pantera to the melancholy and haunting atmosphere of Alice in Chains and Haji’s Kitchen…a dangerous mix indeed. Every track pushes and pulls to create a dynamic that punishes the listener and pulls back long enough for a breathe of fresh air before continuing the aural onslaught.

Throughout the album every member is giving a chance to shine whilst working together to do what is best for the song. Cuts such as “The Illusionist”, we see drummer Tyler Hillegas and bassist bassist Josh Savage lead the band through various time signature changes and never skipping a beat. On “Die Trying” we see axeman Art Hollabaugh lay down some melodic lead work and switch to Kerry King esque shredding on “Mind Freak”. Tracks such as “Darkest Hour” and “DNB” we see vocalist Joel Gerber flex his pipes, switching from gut wrenching screams to melodic crooning and bear his soul.

Overall Paradigm has crafted a very well put together album bringing melody and brutality in one package. I’d like to see a little more diversity on their next album, but this album will easily be on repeat in my rotation for sometime. They have released the album on their bandcamp page and will have physical copies at their show on February 19th, opening up for nu metal giants Flaw. Be sure to keep tabs on these guys and catch them at a show near you!

-The Rooster

Patrick McElravy

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  • Hauntedeyez

    February 8, 2019 at 9:31 am

    Def love this


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