Random….That’s my reoccurring thought when I think of OVERMYDEADBODY – just random. How else can I explain it? I went to see a band stopping by on a national tour, it was a show I had promoted and was VIP’d into. So much talent that night and so many friends made but right before I left I watched a band take the stage. The lead singer was what caught me. I remember the leather pants and burgundy corset top and thought how beautiful she looked against the old world windows…but then I noticed, well, her and the way she held the mic and looked out over the crowd with a soft confidence. I had to leave but I always wondered what band I had missed because I knew from the look in her eye that I had missed one amazing show. Then I keep getting these promotions to do for this band OVERMYDEADBODY and while they were wildly popular I didn’t think I needed to look too far into them since – well, they were so popular. I saw them pass my desk with local acts, national bands that came into town, huge events and small stages. Then I put out in a group that I’m looking for bands to write articles about….and here they are. Am I shocked that random is how they got together, too? The lead singer, Natasha, send out a post on Facebook about missing music and suddenly found herself in a band. Bass player, Eugene, had found a drummer and was all set. It started out a little rough when their music ideas didn’t meet up in real life knowledge of each other’s songs….so they wrote one together that very first day! It has been random acts of fandom ever since! From previous experience, they were able to reach out to venues and other bands, but this odd thing kept happening. See, when new people heard them, they kinda sorta fell for them! Now they know that when shows happen, their loyal fans will be there for them. “Love band, will travel”, seems to be the motto for the fans they keep sending the love out to, and those fans can’t wait for them to finish their self-titled album that they hope to have out by the end of this month. What a way to start 2017!! Along with the two members already mentioned Shawn (Rhythm guitar, vocals), Randy (Lead guitar), and Ken (Drums) have made an incredible name for themselves and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. They are not afraid to reach out and ask for shows, venues, and playing with other bands (after all, the only thing they can say is no, right?). They are kind of fearless in their music which they call “Experi-metal” and it involves melody, harmony, crazy instrumental and screaming….kinda makes you need to see this live!! Oh, wait….you can! They have some shows lined up for the next few weekends:

Jan. 28 – Lyndora Hotel
Feb 10 – Butler Art Center
Feb 18 Looney Tunes

It’s my tradition to not name drop other bands in a featured article but check out First Angel Media or OVERMYDEADBODY’s page to see the AMAZING talent they share the stage with. This will change the way you see metal and rock! With influences from Cliff Burton, Korn, Butcher Babies and Pantera…how can you go wrong!?! I remembered them from the first time I simply saw them, I’ve heard the stuff and love it, now I need to get my butt to the live shows too because I’m afraid I’ve become victim to their charms and yet another of their dedicated fans. Take me away from this band?? OVERMYDEADBODY!!!!

Even before the show – check them out on Facebook, give them a like and find out about them!!

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Lady Jaye (a.k.a Jana Lee Macheca) is the owner of First Angel Media, a company that does various types of promotion from shows to photography, CD and show reviews, and more in the Pittsburgh area. The company has local, national, and international aspects. She is a staff writer for Adrenaline 101 as well as the Heavy Metal ICU and works with several other promotion companies, event planners, and venues. First Angel Media is dedicated to showing that the Pittsburgh music scene is not only alive and well but is becoming more positive and unified with each passing day.

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