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D.N. RoweSeptember 30, 2021

Last Saturday marked the second stop on what will eventually be a full-length version of The Hellfire Tour 2022. “Blood Harvest” was a multi-genre event, with everything from Metal to EDM to Hip-Hop sharing the stage of this historic building in downtown rustic Oil City. Massive windows on the upper level of the National Transit Building adorned a view of the old style community below, as several artists and others in attendance came together in the name of music. Presented by Dread Metal Productions and sponsored by First Angel Media and Brutal Business Ent., artists Matthew Morton, Lost In Th3 Shadows, PRPL CHLD, Demo Demon, East Koast Craziez, HeartAttack Kid, and MadClock (feat. Bella Rotten and AndyDabz) performed with  such a high level of energy that it shook the entire block.

PRPL CHLD at National Transit Building, Oil City PA

In a world full of uncertainty, and with the pandemic still looming heavily, it was special to witness children and adults alike share in the high energy atmosphere that filled the room. One after another the performers took the stage, photographers swiftly moved in and out of place, people danced and enjoyed the moment in which it seemed like nothing else mattered. House payments, responsibilities, and schedules all became irrelevant as the music blasted through the speakers; and smiles danced across faces like the light of the world only existed in that time and place.

Demo Demon at National Transit Building, Oil City PA

As live music rolls on, there is no greater moment to appreciate than the ones we were once without. Genuine support for another’s art, sharing stories and experiences in real person to person interaction, and not through a screen. Nights like this one implant a permanent mark on your soul. It shapes your perspective of other humans, and what they may be going through, and what their journey has been thus far. It breaks down barriers of assumption and prejudice in a way that doesn’t need an explanation, it just happens. Most important of all, it leaves you with a sense that we’re no longer running with the fragments of 2020, but towards a future world full of possibilities.

Check out the photo gallery below for some incredible shots of this unforgettable night!
Photos by Matthew Morton

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