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Clides PolanccoMay 12, 2021465 min

My days as a young teenager involved the aggressive sounds of grunge, metal, and pop music growing into the 90’s. When we found ourselves evolving within the nostalgia known as the “early 2000’s”, we were neck deep in the nu metal era; a genre still regarded with sour taste on the tongue. However, in this giant pool of music came some amazing artists and bands we grew to love. Deftones, Korn, Breaking Benjamin, and Taproot, there are indeed a slew of hardworking musicians still crushing the game. One heavy contender is the undeniable Nonpoint; coming back again with the anthemic tune “Ruthless“, to remind us the insane drive this group still pushes to this day.

“Goldilocks distance – How can I miss with a crack shot aim and verbal game like this…”


Elias Soriano (Vocals) comes back with insane cadence, and an irrefutable place in the game with his crushing lyrical content and vocal approach to the current Alt-metal game in 2021. This man stands toe to toe with some of the best in the game today and it shows with a song like this. His cleans come with a powerful push, backed by what sounds like a symphonic layer backing him the entire time. It is absolutely quality from start to end.

When it comes to the rhythm section of this particular piece, we are presented with a very overlooked pair in Robb Rivera (Drums) and Adam Woloszyn (Bass), who are constantly keeping time and groove that is so ruthless. First time I heard this song I could feel the catchy rhythm that taps into some of that sludgy and grungy music I loved in the mid 90’s. They are playing as the glue to the two guitarists Jason Zeilstra and Rasheed Thomas who are helping keep this band driving forward with an insane guitar rhythm/tone, that is begging for you to turn the volume knob up. The solo section is timely and tasteful; refuting your cliché and flashy solo numbers that take away from the passion of feel that a naturally driven guitar solo can truly deliver.

You are brought down to earth with a breakdown that forces you into a stink face and it gets absolutely “lawless” and “physical”. These guys close this number up with that crushing chorus that makes you wanna hit that repeat button. Nonpoint are still going strong and I am more than happy to see these guys proudly holding their place in the game. Check their latest song “Ruthless” out and keep up to date with these guys because there will surely be more to come.

Clides Polancco

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