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Anthony McDonoughMarch 23, 2020

From the start, this album will capture you, drawing you within its world. If you are a fan of bands such as Cold or Staind, then this will be right up your alley. Inertia is a perfect blend of being melodic, but it will go hard as well. The band, Nicumo, originates from Finland, but you can hardly tell that as they fit right in with American bands.

The lead singer Hannu Karppinen has the kind of voice that will draw you in as he sings. There is definitely a lot of variety on this album, and there is even a song that contains a saxophone playing throughout. Some of the standout tracks for me are “Dark Rivers”, “Witch Hunt”, “Tree of Life”, and “Mother and the Snake”.

Definitely recommend checking this album out, as it will appeal to those who enjoy metal, especially the melodic kind.

Nicumo Inertia
Finnish melancholic metal act Nicumo are about to release their third full length album. The album is titled “INERTIA” and will be out on March 27th 2020 through Inverse Records.

Preorders are now live for Inertia.

You can also find them on Spotify, YouTube, and Reverbnation. Be sure to give Nicumo a listen, and follow them on

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on YouTube. You will not be disappointed!


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