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Matthew Morton1 year ago5025 min

The Halloween season is one of many traditions; candy, costumes, goth kids drinking cheap beer while trying to summon Satan in a graveyard and of course NeverWake’s SleepWalker Ball. The third annual rendition of the latter was held this Saturday at the Hard Rock Café in Station Square. The Ball featured live music, a costume contest and the raffling of a guitar autographed by the bands that was generously donated by Schecter Guitar Research. As with previous years the proceeds from the event were donated to the UPMC Children’s Hospital.

As the venue filled with music fans of all ages; the lights dimmed, and New Jersey based group Ascending From Ashes took the stage. The band (who it should be mentioned made the trip from New Jersey to Pittsburgh on their own dime) started the show with a bang. The entire group came dressed in Power Rangers’ costumes and gave a performance rife with energy. The boys from New Jersey made a very good impression on the audience and their set alone was well worth the price of admission. If the rest of the set wasn’t enough to satisfy the audience then the cover tune they closed out with, which you always hope to hear by a band in Power Ranger attire, definitely was. The song chosen was the original Power Rangers theme song.

Headliners and hosts of the event, NeverWake, were evidently kidnapped prior to the event’s start between the time they had loaded in their equipment and Ascending From Ashes set. The kidnappers, although unconfirmed as of this writing, were most likely the group of Disney villians who filled in after the band’s disappearance. With Hades on bass, Scar on guitar, Gaston on the drums and Captain Hook on guitar and lead vocals a fill in band was formed. Despite the last minute line up change the set was great. The group knew Neverwake’s songs thoroughly and gave a command performance that had the audience screaming for an encore.

In total the third annual Sleepwalker Ball was a success through and through. Both bands gave riveting performances that were beyond entertaining and in the spirit of Halloween. Shortly after the headlining act’s last song the drawing was held for the Schecter C-6 Plus guitar. The night was concluded with photo shoots of fans with both groups provided by First Angel Media’s own Jana Lee Macheca. The next SleepWalker Ball has a lot to live up to in order to compete with this year’s and knowing Neverwake, should they ever be found, and company; they are all more than up to the task.

Photography by Jana Lee Macheca


Ascending From Ashes

Off Stage and Fan Pics

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