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Darren Lewis5 months ago5302 min

This has been yet another loaded 12 months of metal. I’ve never listed this many before and decided not to pare it down any further. So…now, in no particular order, I proudly present to you…The Class of 2018!

Top Albums 2018

1. Wolftooth-s/t
2. Aparia-Beyond the Walls of Man
3. Gygax-2nd Edition
4. Visigoth-Conqueror’s Oath
5. Immortal-Northern Chaos Gods
6. Portal-Ion
7. Judas Priest-Firepower
8. Primordial-Exile Amongst the Ruins
9. Shakma-House of Possession
10. Tribulation-Down Below
11. Kalmah-Palo
12. Corrosion of Conformity-No Cross No Crown
13. Obscura-Diluvium
14. Haunt-Burst Into Flame
15. Primal Fear-Apocalypse
16. Amorphis-Queen of Time
17. Dead Shape Figure-Cacoëthes
18. Khemmis-Desolation
19. Parkway Drive-Reverence
20. Funeral Mist-Hekatomb
21. Lucifer-Lucifer II
22. Forming The Void-Rift
23. The Skull-The Endless Road Turns Dark
24. Tomb Mold-Manor of Infinite Forms
25. Uada-Cult of a Dying Sun
26. Outer Heaven-Realms of Eternal Decay
27. Bloodbath-The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn
28. Helsott-Slaves and Gods
29. Automb-Esoterica
30. Ironflame-Tales of Splendor and Sorrow
31. Satan-Cruel Magic
32. Pyrexia-Unholy Requiem
33. The Breathing Process-Samsara
34. Omnium Gatherum-The Burning Cold
35. Greywalker-Without Control
36. Morgengrau-Blood Oracle
37. Light This City-Terminal Bloom
38. The Crown-Cobra Speed Venom
39. Chthonic-Battlefields of Asura
40. Ancient Empire-Eternal Soldier
41. Icarus Witch-Goodbye Cruel World
42. Uriah Heep-Living The Dream
43. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats-Wasteland
44. Voivod-The Wake
45. Thou-Magus
46. Powerwolf-The Sacrament of Sin
47. Freedom Hawk-Beast Remains
48. Valkyrja-Throne Ablaze
49. Arsis-Visitant
50. Castle-Deal Thy Fate
51. Stonecutters-Carved In Time
52. High On Fire-Electric Messiah
53. Horrendous-Idol
54. Deceased-Ghostly White
55. Hessian-Mercenary Retrograde
56. Halcyon Way-Bloody But Unbowed
57. Veiled-Black Celestial Orbs
58. U.D.O.-Steelfactory
59. At The Gates-To Drink From The Night Itself
60. Vanik-II: Dark Season





Darren Lewis

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