InterviewsMusic Talks with Local Singer Allison Borek

Craig FerryApril 28, 2021

Music Talks’ guest performer for this particular episode was local singer Allison Borek.

Music Talks is a local access television show on Armstrong Cable produced by Rick Fike and hosted by Chelsea Ritenour.  We teamed up with Music Talks last year in an effort to give local music as much exposure as possible.

Each guest on Music Talks gets roughly a 30 minute set after their interview.  Allison’s set consisted of “Jolene”, “Landslide” and “Stairway to Heaven” in addition to a couple more songs.  She was accompanied by John Borek, her father, on drums and Scotty Ruffner on guitar.  Allison sings and plays guitar as well.   John and Scotty regularly play in The Laurel, a local southwest PA band.  When Allison is not playing for her own show, she will periodically sit in for a few songs with The Laurel.

I have been listening to Allison for probably a little over two years.  What I mentioned above may not seem that unusual until you find out that Allison is doing all of this at only twelve years old.  She continues to keep getting better and better each time I see her play.  And I look forward to see where she will be in a few years should she choose to keep performing.

Check out Allison’s interview and live performance filmed in Connellsville, PA.

Genre: Pop/Rock
Performers: Allison Borek