InterviewsMusic Talks with Pop Music Singer Brad Abbott

Craig FerryNovember 25, 2020

Music Talks’ guest performer for this particular episode was local Westmoreland County pop music singer Brad Abbott.

Music Talks, a local access television show on Armstrong Cable produced by Rick Fike and hosted by Chelsea Ritenour.

Brad Abbott has been on the local western PA music scene for roughly ten years. I’ve had the opportunity to watch him perform the last three years at various music venues in the area.  His recently released LP, “How Are You?”,  had one of the songs, Arson, reviewed right here by First Angel Media.

Brad was inspired in his musical journey by music artists Neil Young, Elton John and rock band Augustana. While his musical influencers may have been these well-known performers, Brad has a style all his own.  He’s not what I would call a typical pop music singer.

Check out Brad’s interview and live performance filmed in Connellsville, PA.


Genre: Pop/Alternative
Performers: Brad Abbott