Music Makes Me‘Music Makes Me’ – Weekly Spotify Playlist – Vol 3

Craig FerryJune 10, 2021
Craig Ferry

Welcome to this week’s weekly Spotify playlist, “Music Makes Me”.  Last week I talked about a band out of Maryland who one member started out right here in southwest PA.

This week is even closer to my home.  I am spotlighting the band Shiva Skydriver.  Even though they play with others periodically, the band’s primary members are Kelsey James and Ed Skero.

They have been playing together since 2008 and have released two full length albums. In 2015 their debut, “Shiva Skydriver”, was released and then in 2018 it was followed up by “Let Go Of All You Know”.  I personally have been fortunate to see them play multiple times as a duet and also with some other musicians as a full band.

Just one of the things that has impressed me in some of their shows is their ability to pick one artist and perform a collection of their songs or play the A and B side of an album.  And not only do they perform a great cover of the music, but they put on a show that will keep you entertained.  The two shows like this that I saw where they performed a night of an individual artist was a night of Tom Petty and another night of Neil Young.

They have been active since they formed in 2008 having played in over 1000 shows.  As with all bands they had a hiatus in 2020 but they are now starting to perform again.  If you enjoy live music you can’t beat the price of these local shows, free. So get out and check them out as I know you will also become a fan.

If you enjoyed the songs in this week’s Facebook group, check them out on the weekly Spotify playlist, “Music Makes Me” below.