Music Makes Me‘Music Makes Me’ – Weekly Spotify Playlist – Vol 2

Craig FerryJune 3, 2021
Craig Ferry

Welcome to week 2 of the Music Makes Me series. I have been really excited to search for new music for you for the weekly Spotify playlist.  So much so that I have also started a YouTube playlist that will contain different videos from the same artists that I feature in my Facebook group each day.

The artist that I discovered this week is from our neighboring state of Maryland. All Time Low is a rock band that got its name from the lyrics of a New Found Glory song. They formed in 2003 so it only took me 18 years to discover them. And it’s not like they haven’t done anything in those 18 years.

They released their debut album in 2004 and at least 8 studio albums since then. They have reached the top 20 not only in the US but also in places like the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The All Time Low song that caught my attention on Spotify was “Kids in the Dark” which actually came out in 2015 on their “Future Hearts” album. This album sold 75,000 copies in its first week and debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200.

The video released for that song captures the lyrics slightly differently than I envisioned it. But then again I am looking at it through post pandemic glasses. The video seems to portray the song as young people that have nothing to do coming together for a good time. But to me it is much deeper than that. “Kids in the Dark” brings up visions of children being neglected and feeling both unseen and unheard. But through these struggles they connect with others that can relate to their plight. The colors show them escaping from the gray of despair to a beautiful world of empathy and understanding. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the song.

I found out two days ago that one of the members of All Time Low started playing in the former Keynote Cafe in Jeanette, PA. They are currently touring all over the world and coming to Pittsburgh in September. Those of you who follow me know I strongly emphasize catching local bands before they become big bands that you may or may not be able to see locally.

Check out All Time Low on all your streaming platforms and follow them on social media to see what they have going on. Tune back in next Thursday to see what I have in store for you then in the weekly Spotify playlist and article. Till then, the music scene is opening back up so get out there and support your local musicians.