Music Makes Me‘Music Makes Me’ – Bad Wolves

Craig FerryAugust 19, 2021

Last week I introduced you to a band that is new to the music scene that has some people loving them and others hating them. This week I am going to share more about the band Bad Wolves. If you follow my Music Makes Me Facebook group you may remember that I mentioned checking out one of their covers. But if you haven’t yet, I am featuring the video here with a little about the story behind it.

I have heard many different bands cover the Cranberries song “Zombie”. Some versions I’ve really liked and others I’ve pretty much forgotten right after hearing them. Bad Wolves not only did a great version, but also donated the money from their version to Dolores O’Riordan’s children as a tribute to her. Ironically O’Riordan was scheduled to record a guest vocal on the Bad Wolves’ version the day of her death. Apparently she approved of their version, but from all reports, the surviving members of the Cranberries did not share her opinion and were very vocal about it. You will have to judge for yourself what you think about the Bad Wolves cover. Who are the Bad Wolves you may ask.

Bad Wolves has not been around that long.  They are a heavy metal band out of Los Angeles that formed in 2017 and rose to fame the following year.  The catalyst to their jumping into the public eye was their first single we talked about above, “Zombie”. They have released two studio albums since that single. In 2018 they released “Disobey” and the next year followed it up by releasing “N.A.T.I.O.N.” They are planning on releasing their third studio album this year, which they are saying, will be their best album to date. Their members had been part of a number of other bands before coming together to form Bad Wolves.

But as with a lot of bands, in January of this year lead singer Tommy Vext and Bad Wolves parted ways. There are a couple different stories as to why they parted ways. One of the stories being that it was because of his political views and controversial opinions on topics like Black Lives Matter. Since the split Vext has filed a lawsuit against the band’s manager who is also CEO of Better Noise Music. There is more to this story that you can read here if you are curious.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s spotlight on Bad Wolves. I would love to know if you are a fan or not of their music. Until next week, if you’re a music lover, you can hear, see or learn about new music every day on my Facebook group, Spotify playlist or YouTube playlist. And as always, feel free to reach out and let me know about your favorite new musical discovery.