Music Makes MeMusic Makes Me – Heaven Awaits Me

Craig FerryMarch 22, 2022

As you read last week, the one-year anniversary of the Music Makes Me Facebook group just recently passed. It’s been a great experience running that group and if you want to read more, check out last week’s article. I’ve featured a vast array of genres from all over the world. In the last few months, I’ve spotlighted Christian artists of all different types on Sundays. I’ve enjoyed doing that and look forward to sharing someone new each week. After a couple weeks of prayer and deliberation I have decided to start another Facebook group that I can share a CCM artist every day. I am going to name this group Heaven Awaits Me.

I envision it to be a place where I can share music that has been a part of my life in many ways. Unlike the current group, I can’t guarantee that I will feature a different artist every day. I suspect more than likely I won’t be able to do that. I think some weeks I may have an artist’s music a couple days in a row. I do plan on having different genres of CCM on a regular basis. It will be a place to share rap, blues, metal, rock and obviously worship music. Some of the bands will be old favorites like Third Day who are not performing any longer and some will be those current rising stars making their appearance onto the music scene.

There will be bands that you will recognize from listening to music on regular radio stations. On the other hand, there are going to bands that you probably would not have heard outside this new group. I am hoping that like Music Makes Me, Heaven Awaits Me is going to expose me to even more artists than I come across today. One of the final signs that convinced me to start this new group was a discussion I had with a friend this past week.

We were talking about what song I wanted to learn on the guitar next. I told him that “Love Song” by Third Day was always a song I loved but never tried to play it. For someone that’s been playing for a while, I’m sure it would be simple, but I wasn’t there yet. But the point is not learning the song. When I mentioned the song he had not heard of it before I told him the name. That was not real surprising when thinking more about it since the song was at least 25 years old. But once he played it on Spotify, he loved the song. It made me consider just how many other songs were released over the years that unless they were shared would not be heard.

So today will be the start of a journey into a genre that shares not only my love of music, but is also a big part of my life. I will continue to share CCM artists in Music Makes Me on Sundays, but if you want to discover them on a daily basis, this new Facebook group is for you. I haven’t decided yet if I will also add songs to a Spotify or YouTube playlist with this new group. At the moment, I think that’s not going to happen, but you never know.  I do have a Spotify playlist already with some of my favorites that I’ve shared at the bottom of this article.  So in keeping with the song that helped make me to decide to go here, let me tell you a little about Third Day.

Third Day was formed in 1991 in Marietta, Georgia by singer Mac Powell, guitarist Mark Lee and drummer Billy Wilkins. Powell and Lee was the only two that were in the band until they finally broke up in 2018. The band has sold over 7 million albums in the US and had 28 number one hits on Christian radio. Powell and Lee were in high school when they formed the group. During the years Third Day was together they were nominated and have won multiple awards. They also had one song that appeared on the Billboard top 100. After the breakup, Powell continued on in a solo music career.

I hope that some of you will join me in my deeper dive into all genres of the Contemporary Christian Music world. Even more that that, I hope that you share with me artists in the CCM scene that I hadn’t heard of before. So if your curiosity is peaked, or if you love music as much as me, check out Heaven Awaits Me and start the journey by my side.