Music Makes MeMusic Makes Me – Anniversary

Craig FerryMarch 12, 2022

As I’m sure you know, I have a Facebook group named “Music Makes Me” that I post a daily music video along with my weekly First Angel Media article. This Facebook group is coming up this week on its one-year anniversary. I can hardly believe it myself. One of the things that I have attempted to do during that time is to not repeat an artist that I have featured in earlier weeks. As you can imagine, that means some weeks I struggle with what song I want to feature from artists who have dozens of songs that I love. One of the benefits of doing this is that occasionally I rediscover an artist that I had forgotten about over the years.

Queensryche is one of those bands. They formed in 1980 in Bellevue, Washington. I personally didn’t discover them originally when they first came out as I lived in Germany in the early 80s and missed the beginnings of some bands that formed in the early 80s. This band has had a very successful run having released 15 studio albums and selling over 20 million albums. They are still touring today. The song that I came across that reminded me of my love for Queensryche is “Silent Lucidity”.

“Silent Lucidity” was on their 1990 album Empire and peaked at #9 on Billboards Hot 100. According to members of Queensryche, the song is about lucid dreaming otherwise know as dream control. I don’t know about being able to control your subconscious mind in a dream, but that is not what draws me to this song. I love how the song starts with an acoustic guitar and the soft voice of the lead singer. And how it slowly builds into a sound of a full orchestra. Obviously there are other bands at that time that had songs that had the same musical feel such as the Moody Blues’ song “Knights in White Satin” or Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind”. It’s funny how listening to one song will make you think of another song.

When I first started Music Makes Me, I wasn’t sure how long I could go without repeating an artist. Then once I got a few months into it, I started to realize I would never be able to feature even a fragment of the music released in my lifetime. That is not a bad thing though. To me it’s great that there are still new artists that make their appearance onto the music scene each year. And I love how there are songs like “Silent Lucidity” that will never get old, at least to me. If you are a music lover and enjoy going on a journey of musical discovery, I hope you decide the become part of the Music Makes Me family. I love to see your comments on the music featured each day.

Thanks to all of you who have been with me to celebrate this one-year anniversary. I look forward to seeing what new and old discoveries are going to make their appearance in Music Makes Me second year. Until next week, if you’re a music lover, you can hear, see or learn about something new every day on my Facebook group, Spotify playlist or YouTube playlist. And as always, feel free to reach out and let me know about your favorite new musical discovery.