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Metal Night On Mainstreet!

     Metal Night on Main street was a very special event put together by the bands playing, and the Main street Tavern in Monongahela. This event proved that the Mon Valley music scene is back and very much alive. Very special thank you to the tavern, the bands and all the faces, familiar or not who showed up.

     First band to hit it hard was someone new to me, but that’s the best part of these kind of shows, Discovering new music! They were called “Wretched Whore”Now I don’t know too much about these guys, but I really hope to see them back again! It for sure sounded like some good death metal, but different. Their music had this groove to it. Check these guys out!

     Second band of the night. Someone im very much familiar with. “Forsaken By Society“! Where do I even start? These guys don’t believe in toning it down. I didn’t expect them to get as aggressive in such a small spot, but wow was I wrong…. There was many moments where I thought guitarist Christian Barnhart was going to take my head off, the way he was swinging his guitar around. Yeah, im fine, but he hit Matt with the headstock. Now, I mentioned in their EP review that ive heard pre-production demos of tracks off their upcoming full length debut, “Hand Over Fist”. So ive been bugging vocalist Matt Micenko for a while now about when we’ll hear a new one. Just before the show I texted him and asked again, “Hey you guys doing GFY yet?”, he simply explained that they’ve tried playing it once, and they just weren’t ready yet. Of course, half way through the set, guess which song we got a debut for? The crowd was more than pleased with the result. At one point I was having so much fun singing along to their songs that Matt came up to me with the mic to let me do a very small line from the song “Back Down” as well. Once again, this is a band you don’t want to miss.

     Next up was Second Street Stranger! So happy to finally see these guys. Last time I was at a show they were at, I missed their set because I was so into watching Demented get the transformation from Jarett, Nick and Dan, to J-Rott, Haggard and Demon D. The guys in Second Street Stranger are some down and dirty punk rock to the very core! A very special shout out to guitarist Jared Altamare for running the sound and helping put this together! So we got a lengthy set full of their original material, as well as a few covers. My personal favorite was their cover of “Where Eagles Dare” by “Misfits”. If you know this song, you’ll know how much of a perfect sing along it is 😉Lastly, shout out to their drummer Al, that man is a monster behind the kit! His energy is insane, that looked like a hell of a work out!

     Next band to go on was again, someone new to me. All of my friends there just kept saying, “You’re gonna like this, trust me”. So here’s “Aroseathorn” These guys are straight aggression to the fullest. There was moments where the one guitarist would throw his guitar into his amp and just grab another. Then their vocalist just jumps onto a table and starts going off into the song. At that moment, I thought to myself, “Dear god, these guys are insane. We need them here a lot more often!” Special thank you to those guys for bringing the heat, please check these guys out!!

     Last to close the show, were another familiar group of guys, “Demented“. These guys were the only group here who wasn’t rock or metal. That doesn’t matter though, metal is much more than a sound. Metal is a feeling, and a lifestyle. Demented executes this feeling and style with their inappropriate horror rap sound. We got to hear all my favorite tracks like, “Demon Ladies”, “Tik Tok“, “Headrush“, and “Nuke Em”. There was one specific song that caught my attention, this song is called “Skull Love”. Can you guess why it’s called that? Well let me give you a hint. The Chorus sings, “I just wanna love your skull, stick my______in your eyeball”….yeah all things implied, you get the point. These guys are Demented for sure.

     Overall, we couldn’t be happier with how this event turned out. Thank you so much to everyone at The Main street Tavern, all the bands, and all the faces who showed up to make this such a major success. Perhaps you can all expect round two here some time soon?…..


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