Event ReviewsMemphis May Fire Brings Heat to the Enclave

Anthony McDonoughFebruary 16, 2023

This past Thursday February 9th, I hit the Enclave with Josh Montedoro Photography, another FAM member, for a live concert that consisted of four bands. It was my first show of 2023 and it set the mark for the beginning of what is going to be another busy concert season.

Drown the Deep
Photo by Josh Montedoro Photography

The venue quickly became very packed, and to start everyone off, Pittsburgh female fronted hard rock band Drown The Deep opened the evening with an energetic set. The lead songstress showed off her vocal styles and each song they played seriously rocked. They got the crowd all nice and warmed up for the rest of the evening. This was my first time experiencing them live, and I hope to see more of them.

Tuesday’s Too Late
Photo by Josh Montedoro Photography

Pittsburgh metalcore act Tuesday’s Too Late was next to take the stage, and they had one heck of a performance. Complete with breakdowns, they made sure that mosh pits were being opened and had the crowd going wild with each song. They absolutely brought their intensity, and I was really impressed by their stage presence.

Photo by Josh Montedoro Photography

Not to be outdone, IRE, which is another metalcore band from Pittsburgh, was the penultimate performance of the evening, and they amped the crowd up even more. Each song was full of intensity, and they nearly brought the house down. This was another band that I’ve been waiting to catch live and it was absolutely worth waiting for.

Memphis May Fire
Photo by Josh Montedoro Photography

Then the moment came for metalcore stars Memphis May Fire to close the evening, and they had the crowd hot and moving to their every note. There were even a few people who crowd surfed as the band was playing. As I looked around, all I could see was solidarity. Everyone was just enjoying the music together. They played a good bit of their hits, and closed the evening with a bang.

I would say this was the perfect way to start off 2023 for me, as far as live shows are concerned. Each and every band really brought it, and kept everyone moving the entire night. There are those evenings where everything just comes together to make for a memorable show, and this was definitely one of those evenings.

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