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Earl T. Pearl7 months ago3333 min

The pen is mightier than the sword, but Stosh Jonjak’s guitar virtuosity is mightier than both.

I’m speaking, of course, of the PGH stoner rock veterans MaxXouT’s hottest new single, “Chasing Ghosts”. A hard charging, fist pumping ode to the insecurities of modern life. One of which definitely proves that no matter the adversity, sometimes a creative soul’s will to perform never dies.

Upon first listening to this blazing hot track, one immediately notices Stosh’s incendiary guitar riffage. Once the whole band kicks in, and lead singer, Elliot Polak opens the first verse, you get caught up in the sermon-esque delivery of deep and thought provoking lyrics.

Fast forward to Stosh’s brutally addictive leads and melodies and you will find yourself wondering back to the days of sweep picking, Two handed tapping and utter mastery of an instrument. Only to have the rest of the band assault your ear drums with some of the finest riffs and melodies this side of the Mississippi.

If you’re a fan of turbo-charged Camaros, Mullets, and Hamm Slam-wiches, then these are the degenerates for you. Stay tuned as they release their sophomore effort “Always Going Over”, available for streaming near the end of the month. Also, be sure to catch their live performances, from the Steel City, to Detroit, and every Industrial Wasteland in between. Fun Fact: yours truly has been seen onstage with these wild dogs a few times in their early stages. Keep an ear out for what they have to offer and please throw a like their way on their Facebook page.

Earl T. Pearl

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