Event ReviewsMagical night at the Sub Alpine!

Anthony McDonoughApril 3, 2023

On Friday March 24th, I hit the Sub Alpine Society for a local live show featuring some of the hottest bands in the area. The energy was palpable before things kicked off as I anticipated what was to come.

Before the evening got started, I got a chance to talk with Johnny and the Razorblades and you can check out the interview below!

The Sneaky Heat Missiles
Photo credit: Jessica Zoric

The night got started with The Sneaky Heat Missiles who provided hot ska action with their performance. During the set, they invited everyone to do some impromptu skanking which I happily obliged and joined in with everyone. It was a pretty high action set and showed their passion for what they do.

Johnny and the Razorblades
Photo credit: Jessica Zoric

Afterwards Johnny and the Razorblades took the stage to cause a ruckus with their high energy rock performance. They had a good stage credence and they were able to get people moving and enjoying their music. They been doing this for awhile and it shows as they had a very tight performance.

Then it was time for the wildness to begin, and to set the stage, I had the most wildest interview ever with God Hates Unicorns, check out the shenanigans here:

God Hates Unicorns
Photo credit: Josh Montedoro Photography

They took the stage next, and it was very boisterous and most of all, you can see them having fun with what they do. The energy with the lineup is just infectious and gets everyone involved in the performance. The banter they have on stage adds to the performance, and in all, if you ever see them live, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Dream the Heavy
Photo Credit: Jessica Zoric

Ending the night was Dream The Heavy who had a rather impressive performance. They had a stage presence as well, and lot of energy in the set they played. Many of what they played had the crowd moving and enjoying what they heard. This is a band to keep an eye on because I can see them doing great things in future performances.

In all, this was a pretty great evening with a impressive line-up, and all the bands brought their A-game when they took the stage, It was also fun because Hemlock for Socrates joined in to support the evening as well as meeting some other people who came out as well! Here are some fun pics below from the evening!

The next show coming up at the Sub Alpine is a Sub Benefit Show on this Saturday April 8th, it will feature 11 bands, a raffle basket, and more, so be sure to come out to support one of the best venues in the city. You can see all the details on the event page.

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