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Ravyn X4 weeks ago318 min

Me Against Death’s (Clock), aka MadClock. A recent addition to the Brutal Business Entertainment roster as of Halloween 2020. Originally known with his former project Two Stoopid Dogs, Nathaniel Rowe can normally be found stomping around his hometown near Erie, Pennsylvania, sharing his stories of triumph and pain through his unique brand of hip hop music.

I had the opportunity to get to know MadClock personally when I covered the Brutal Winter 2020 Charity Stream. He shared with me some intimate details behind Volume Of Secrecy, and his vision for the future. As I feel it’s extremely important to know the meaning behind the music, and get to know the artist who creates it, with his permission I’ll give you a peak inside the mind of the man himself.

Ravyn, Sköll, MadClock
Ravyn, Sköll, and MadClock at Brutal Winter 2020 Charity Stream

As a young man Nathaniel was raised mainly by his father and an occasional long term girlfriend. He began to experiment with drugs in his early teens, and in his late teens had become a habitual user, spiraling out of control completely in his early 20’s. Realizing he was staring down his own death’s clock, he made the decision after the failure of his marriage that it was time for a serious lifestyle change. He accepted the fact that he had gone past pleasure and into an addictive downward spiral, and was costing him everything he loved. Not just his relationships, or his health, but his children’s future with their father. He left his ex partner, quit drugs without rehab, left his former musical project behind, and rededicated himself to himself, so to speak.

Since 2015 Nathaniel has maintained his sobriety, completely turned his life around, and is there for his children and fiancé Tara, aka Mama MadClock. He uses his music as a way to cope with the struggles he faces daily, as well as share his story. His hopes and dreams for the future of his project, and the music he creates is to help others who face similar battles, and even to be involved with or start his own outreach program.

Now that we’ve cracked the Volume of Secrecy that surrounds MadClock wide open, give this upcoming Brutal Business artist a listen. Share in his triumphs through his songs, and realize you’re never alone. When you believe in yourself, you can change your life. Madclock is living proof of that. Give the album a listen, and be on the lookout for his next album, Devils Never Cry slated for April 2021, and check out his video for “Love, Kill, Repeat” below.

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