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Patrick McElravy10 months ago51211 min

Something gruesome comes this way from the wicked west. Washington-based horrorcore act Lyrizone is about to drop his highly anticipated debut album (ironically) titled “Sweet Relief”. With a molotov cocktail of deprecating catharsis, slasher film aesthetic, and schizophrenic charisma, Lyrizone’s Sweet Relief” promises to be quite the opposite of it’s title…….

I want to start off by saying something about this album: from the very get go it is very clear there was a lot of time and care put into the making of this album. Production all around is sonically huge, hitting the listener in all the right places. The artist features that are placed on the album serve their purpose for the songs and do a great job of adding to the dense, bloody atmosphere. The instrumental work on the album pulls from various genres such as alternative metal, melodic hard rock, and hip-hop, and are crafted in a manner that the listener can not only follow along with them, but remain engaged for the twists and turns the album takes. While the “horrorcore” genre seems to be a dirty word amongst the musical community, you can’t deny the quality of this material. And I’ll be honest, while “Sweet Relief” may not be for the faint of heart, it certainly retains high replay value despite it’s visceral and caustic atmosphere.

The album itself contains 5 songs and 3 interludes/skits placed throughout to help give the listener some breathing room. While at a passing glance they may seem like filler, they help keep the flow of the album and serve the purpose of elaborating on the album’s different vibes. I normally don’t do track by track reviews, but I’m going to make an exception this time and walk you through the 5 main tracks of “Sweet Relief”.

Nowhere to Hide: The first real track on the album and 1 of the 2 main tracks Lyrizone solely mans the wheel behind the mic, “Nowhere to Hide” is the perfect song to kick things off. With a simple, dissonant piano riff that paves the way for the verses, Lyrizone shows his skills as not only a lyricist, but as a charismatic vocalist as well. The music itself bears a modern resemblance of “Significant Other” era Limp Bizkit minus the cock-rock attitude that would plague the band’s reputation. Touching on topics of anarchy and paranoia of conspiracy theories, Lyrizone drives it home with the rocking hook and it’s heavy aesthetic. A great track to kick the album off.

The Intrusion (featuring Grewsum, Dubbs, and Mars): Remember the slasher flick reference made earlier? Here it comes. “The Intrusion” is a bird’s eye view of a psychotic killer plotting and carrying out his murderous deeds against his unsuspecting victim in a home invasion. Filled to the brim with phenomenal guest features and heavy metal guitars, this track vocally does a great job of encapsulating the mind of a schizophrenic killer during his gorey endeavors. With one of the heaviest instrumentals the album has to offer, this track is truly a psychological thriller in auditory form.

Parasite (featuring Kung-Fu Vampire and Twisted Insane): The first true hip-hop track on the album, “Parasite” dials the tone back while retaining a dark and depressing vibe. With a tale of love gone south, “Parasite” contains excellent guest features that lend themselves to the vibe of the song. With 3 verses featuring 3 different vocalists, it is a great scope of perspective lyrically amongst a stressed and tired mind. The subtle lead guitars really help add the ambiance to the atmosphere of this track.

For the Memories: Love blood and guts? Love carnage for entertainment’s sake? “For the Memories” may be your favorite new jam. Channeling a bridge between “Parasite” and “The Intrusion” sonically, this track grooves with it’s low tuned guitars and hip hop-laden quirk. Featuring one of Lyrizone’s most sarcastic and charismatic vocal efforts, you can almost see him smiling as he is slicing and dicing his former lover while leaving the blood and guts for their family to clean up. There is something disturbing, yet fun about this particular track that keeps you coming back and hitting the play button over and over again.

Operation Wake the Dead (Lex the Hex Master): If “The Purge” had an anthem it would most definitely be this track. One of the most melodic and catchy tracks on the album, “Operation Wake the Dead” does a great job of rounding out the album before the final interlude puts the nail in the coffin. Lyrizone and Lex the Hexmaster do a phenomenal job exchanging verses as they recruit their army of thieves, misfits, and murderers. The dense, harmonious hook definitely adds the cherry on top of the cake with a beautiful guitar solo that rings in the outro. With it’s melodic backdrop and militant vocal exercises, “Operation Wake the Dead” is easily a contender for MVP on the album’s track listing.

Lyrizone definitely has his work cut out for him in the future to try and top such a strong debut. With top-notch production, performances, and songwriting all around, I definitely expect this album to make waves and take names in the underground. I definitely would have liked to see him take the lead more in some of these tracks as he is a more than capable vocalist, but I can’t fault him too much given the caliber of the guests he brought on board for this endeavor. As stated before, this release is not for the faint of heart, but more than worthy of a chance from fans of any rock, metal, and hip hop. Be sure to follow Lyrizone on all digital platforms and social media outlets and get your copy of “Sweet Relief!”



Patrick McElravy

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