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Ravyn XJanuary 20, 2022

Have you ever wanted to learn about witchcraft? Have you ever wanted to learn about witchcraft from a real person that has been practicing for decades? Do you want a place to feel safe while you learn about the practice away from judgmental eyes? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you’re in luck – A new shop of the occult has been established in Butler, Pennsylvania, that offers a holistic experience every time you visit, as well as; access to pre-made spells, do-it-yourself kits, and all the ingredients you need for your own concoctions: Lil Shop Of Lilith.


Natasha opened this shop as a way to not only expand her reach from her website of the same name, but to spread the knowledge and acceptance of several aspects of witchcraft. Included in the establishment, aptly named ‘Lil Shop of Lilith’, are services such as; tarot readings, divination readings, counseling as a life coach, energy balancing, and Lomi Lomi massage. She also sells items like preserved specimens and other taxidermy, crystals and jewelry, and various helpful pieces of literature. In addition to these eclectic items, Natasha also has a space dedicated to an artist of choice every month. Interested artists can contact her, via social media, for more information on being showcased.


A little bit about Natasha herself: She has been practicing and learning about witchcraft and all of its parts since she was a child, even attending a private school that was open to teaching about “faeries” and the like, as Natasha describes it. Natasha works with the deity known as Lilith, which is where the name of the shop comes from (as well as the name of her loving dog at home). She is part of a band called Animus where she takes the stage as the front woman and singer. She is ordained and certified to officiate weddings and many other special events. Natasha is also a writer, and is working toward publishing the first volume of her memoirs.

Natasha wants her space to be a learning experience for everyone who stops by from all walks of life. She wants people to be able to use their spirituality to find the balance in their personal wellness. In a world where society thrives on making people feel broken, Natasha strives to help people take their power back and give them the tools to do that. “Anyone can practice witchcraft, but being a witch is a lifestyle.” Natasha’s message to those who are interested in stopping by: “If it feels right, I would love to have you!”

Lil Shop Of Lilith is located at 1665 N Main St, Butler, PA. Hours vary, so check the Facebook page for more information. Check out the video below!