Music ReviewsLifeguard Is “Squared Up” With Brand New EP!

Elizabeth AustinSeptember 10, 2021

Lifeguard, a two- member pop powerhouse from Pittsburgh, PA, have completed its debut EP, “Back to Square One”. Each member holds multiple roles in- studio. Jake Faigen performs on the guitars, the bass, and provides the lead vocals, while Elijah Bill plays the drums/percussion, the synthesizer, and provides the background vocals. The band formed in June of 2020 and decided to only include two members due to the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Several musicians inspire Lifeguard, such as Death Cab for Cutie, Joy Division, The Killers, and others from a wide range of genres. The music combines Elijah’s fast- paced and dancey drums along with Jake’s heartfelt chord progressions, infectious guitar riffs, melodic bass lines, and personal lyrics. Lifeguard’s musical art creates racing hearts, moving feet, and thinking minds. Not only does the EP reflect fun vibes, but  it also has meaningfulness behind each song. Jake said that the songs were written at three different phases of his life, so they are a collection of his emotions during the stages. He wanted to bring the songs back to life so he sought out a drummer. The two group members spent five or six months working together to ensure they had something well- written and catchy in the studio.


Each song on the EP proves that Jake and Elijah accomplished what they sent out for in the studio. The first song, “Breathe the Air” (released July 9),  is an easy rock song with a simple, yet enjoyable guitar riffs and simple, yet dynamic vocal techniques and crescendos. It provides an uplifting message about accepting difficult situations in a relationship, such as “It’s Okay to Be Afraid,” and “Remember to Breathe”. This is an insightful song that can apply to family or friends who are going through hardships to let them know that everything will be alright.


The next song, “Hiding Inside the Sun” (released July 23),  is another easy rock piece with a vibrant guitar hook that begins with a few chords but a powerful chord progression change with a touch of simple bass. “Hiding Inside the Sun” depicts dependence on a safe place to go from an individual, especially with lyrics that include the phrases “I have nowhere else I can run” and “Cause you are everywhere these days”. However, it is perfect for a road trip or a song that you just want to belt out to.


The final song, “Square One” starts with rocking guitar chords that play on through the entire song. It is about asking for forgiveness and going back to where you started in a relationship. There is clear distinction between the parts of the song that emphasize that theme. The bridge repeats itself several times in the song and includes phrases, “Now I’m sorry”, “Now I’m waiting”, and “Now I’m paying for that”. The song’s outro is basically the bridge to make a strong impact of what the song is about. It is surely a piece someone can easily jump and dance along with.


If you enjoy the sounds of these songs already, be sure to follow Lifeguard! Also, you can possibly get into the music industry by becoming a part of their band because they are looking for more members for live performances! The band actually has some good advice for any aspiring musicians. Jake and Elijah are also aspiring musicians so they are still figuring things out, but they advise to do what feels good because it should be fun. The group would like to have a physical release for the EP, even though the initial release will be digital until logistics are determined. However, there will be video content to coincide with the EP release. They also would like to debut the songs as well as a few unreleased live as Pittsburgh shows are starting to return and have a more “fun” release as the band grows. So, be on the lookout for their material and think about their opportunity for you to grow your music experience with them!