News & OpinionLGBTQ+ Fronted Pop-Metal, Fallen Stars, Announce Album “Execution”

Kylie ThomasJune 5, 2021112 min

Fallen Stars is a pop-metal band from Vancouver that is adding a new voice to the metal community with their LGBTQ+ frontwoman. The band has announced their album “Execution” which will be released on June 18. The album features a plethora of anthems for any type of listener backed by mighty vocals and a four-person, collaborative, and well-blended instrumental band. The band prides itself on its support for the queer community as well as its push for inclusivity, especially in the music scene. Fallen Stars has not only a powerful and talented musical presence but the band is making waves in how music is combined with the social justice efforts of today.

While “Execution” is not yet released, listeners can get a feel for what’s to come with Fallen Stars’ teaser trailer featuring clips of some of the songs on the album. 


Kylie Thomas

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