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Craig Ferry1 year ago7643 min

This past Saturday was a double dose of great music. I went to Jergels in Pittsburgh to photograph the well known Lez Zeppelin band. I had not looked at the lineup before I arrived so wasn’t aware they had an opener.

I’ve checked out a lot of bands in the Pittsburgh area but had not heard of Storm Dragon before. The band did not know that I was coming to the show and as soon as they found out several members of the band tracked me down to talk. They are a great group of guys and let me know how much they appreciated me being there. Once they took the stage I witnessed how their friendliness translated into their interaction with their fans. Storm Dragon is a metal band whose sound took me back to the favorite bands of my youth like Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly and Deep Purple. But they aren’t trying to copy anyone’s style, they have a unique sound that is all their own. I am adding them to my must see again list.

Once Storm Dragon’s set had too quickly ended, the headliner, Lez Zeppelin, took the stage. All the hype I had heard before coming to the show was well founded. I had listened to them online before the show and have to say that they were even better in person. They did an amazing job of performing all of the audiences’ favorite Led Zeppelin songs. When I was young I listened to Led Zeppelin IV almost every day. I believe that Robert Plant and company would have enjoyed their female counterparts show.

All in all it was a great night of music that took me on a journey back to my younger years.

Photos and review by Craig Ferry

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