Letters From Lady JayeLetters from Lady Jaye…

Jana Lee MachecaMay 12, 2021

Sometimes starting an article can be difficult. Letters from Lady Jaye is going to be a weekly article about the things I see in the scene, advice I’ve been repeatedly asked for, tips and tricks on pushing your page and… basically whatever else comes to mind. As the owner of First Angel Media, a professional photographer and a mom I have about three million things in my brain at any one moment so breaking the ice on this first article was difficult. I finally turned to my friend and one of the head writers of FAM and asked him, “If I could give you a TED talk on one thing, what would you want to hear me talk about?” His response was something I’d thought of, something I think we all need to hear from time to time and maybe daily.

This last year has been a brand new type of hell for most of us, especially if you’re in any type of entertainment industry. My personal story is pretty simple on the surface – I walked into 2020 feeling like I had the world in my hand only to have it all quickly fall away like sand through my fingers. I think many of us felt that way. So many plans, so much to look forward to, and suddenly we were thrown into this darkness where we found ourselves in grief. At first we thought life would be back soon, told ourselves we’d stay busy until normal lives resumed… but it’s over a year later and we’re still not back on track just yet. For the creative types, from music to dancing and everything else that could include, we lost a part of ourselves. What we create or do isn’t just some section of our lives, it’s a passion in our souls as well as our outlet. When we realized it wasn’t there anymore were ready to give up and let the darkness take us, well… I was ready to give up at least. I’m known for my positive attitude, pushing others to follow their dreams, find themselves, and yet I couldn’t find my way out of my own pain and sadness. I walked away from it all for a bit and seriously considered walking away permanently. An old knee jerk reaction to pain, burn it all and walk away, focus on things that can’t be taken from you. At some point though, I hit the bottom of that ocean and realized that it can all be taken away. Every single thing in life is really just borrowed and while I wish some days that life wouldn’t give me so much to fight, I will keep fighting.

Nothing worth having is easy. Life itself isn’t easy. We can sit around and tell ourselves how bad it is, or we can find a way to make it better. If something is in your heart and soul, then it’s a part of you and you take it with you everywhere, there’s just no escape. We can’t escape ourselves or our passion, pain and loss come but so does love and those few moments of wonder in this life that we have to hold on to. This last year wasn’t just one of loss, it was one of growth. We have faced change, grief, our lives were turned upside down but we are still here. Life doesn’t hand out lemons like a sample counter at a grocery store, it puts those suckers into a cannon and shoots them at you so you have to learn to adapt, and fast. Adapt your mind – I will get through this. Adapt your heart – I will recover. Adapt your soul – I was made for more than the ordinary. And if you’re reading this right now and hear that voice in your mind telling you you’re wrong, remember that voice isn’t you. That negative voice in your mind is the voice of the enemy. It’s the voice of fear, a voice of neglect that tries to pull you down into the abyss. That voice is a nothing, and you, my dear, are something. You were born into this world screaming and it’s time to start again.

There is no new normal, normal is overrated, there is only change and that happens every day whether you like it or not.

Whoever you are, whatever you want to be, it won’t come easy and you have to work to take what’s yours. Love isn’t easy, but if you do what you love and love those you can while you can, then you’re doing it right. Passion is a burning pain but a fire forges iron. We have made it through, and we will continue to so Don’t. Give. Up. Not on yourself, not on your dreams, and not on the changes you need to make you the warrior you know you are. Reach out when you want to retreat from the world and you will find a hand reaching back, it just might take a little more change to find it…

Welcome to Letters from Lady Jaye. I’ll see you next week my friends.