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Jana Lee MachecaMay 26, 2021

Hello Everyone,

This week I’m taking the opportunity of officially announcing something you might already have noticed, our Modeling Division. I consider myself and my company to be a “See a need, fill a need” philosophy. If you recognize that phrase you’re probably a parent from the Robots era, or you’re familiar with Norman Vincent Peale, lol. One thing I’ve been asked as a photographer and a media company owner is if I know professional models – the kind who stay active, show up ready and on time, with a drive to do their best in any role. I’ve found some amazing folks who have teamed up with us here at First Angel Media to fill those needs. Merchandise shoots, commercials, album art, movies, videos, jewelry lines and more, we now have you covered!

Admittedly, adding photos of amazing models to our company just makes sense – What goes better together than music and models? It’s not just about the music anymore though. These are much more than pretty faces. From speakers on awareness on various levels to helpers in the community and even further into living lives as regular people with families, you can expect to see a whole new variety of content in our upcoming Alternative Style section on our redesigned website. There you’ll see behind the scenes of the type of life not often talked about in places like Better Homes and Gardens.

Allow me to introduce you to the family.

Alicia Lynn
Alicia Lynn – Sundae Service


Alicia Lynn, aka Sundae Service, is a powerhouse of activity in the Pittsburgh scene. Model, speaker, activist, actor, writer of articles here at FAM… it’s always a blur of activity with her! In the last month alone I could touch on her video work with her own band Venus in Furs, the upcoming video for The Borstal Boys, her appearance at the Heroineburgh Con, and being the recent comic book version of Bloom. That alone sounds like a month full of long days, but she somehow finds time to create pieces for her Etsy shop… and some very cool First Angel themed merch of hers will be showing up in our shop soon as well. Most likely chosen to portray superhero characters because she’s secretly one in real life.


Bella Rotten

    Bella Rotten is a face you may already know from posts on First Angel Media. The merch shoots she’s done with Feast on the Fallen, concept art with MadClock, and contests she’s been in have been running on our social media sites recently. She has great opportunities coming in from all over and you’re going to be seeing much more of her work with us soon! More than just a pretty face, Bella is a trained professional wrestling manager and has experience dancing on stage for live performances. Published into five magazines with an ever growing following, she’s most known in the Pittsburgh underground music scene but has worked with artists across multiple states. Beautiful, talented, and most likely to confront an axe wielding maniac… because she’s just that cool.


Nathanial Rowe
Nathaniel Rowe – MadClock

Speaking of Madclock, we have The Villian himself amongst our models. Rapping, writing, heading departments here at First Angel and running our weekly MadLife with MadclockPodcast – Nathaniel Rowe is nothing short of spectacular. As if we don’t keep him busy enough he’s branching out into music industry recording and merch, which you’ll be seeing first hand at FAM soon. With an eye for design, and the ability to write or rap words with incredible speed and accuracy, MadCLock is something of a secret weapon on our team. He’s already captured our hearts with his constant support and killer music. This man will help you find your lost puppy, then walk away from an explosion like a badass… he’s basically John Wick.


Up next we have Mr. Randall Cole, vocalist of the aforementioned Feast on the Fallen. Photographer, model, actor, vocalist, we’ve had him traveling the states to do  music videos but

Randall Cole

he was already doing that for his series with Operation Graveyard. Explorer of haunted places, over-achiever in Muay Thai, hard working man at Drusky Entertainment and basically the busiest guy we know, even when he’s not getting ready to kill a crowd with intense vocal growls. He’s also the go-to location guy for many of our crazy adventures in photo and video shoots. Like all things artistic, underground and mostly unseen places? Click any of those links and find yourself in a whole new world. We’re pretty certain that if we found ourselves in a real life zombie movie, Randy would be the quiet intellectual who could take down about fifty of the undead while we tried to escape. Just saying.


Maria Michelle

Maria Michelle is newer to professional modeling but has everything needed to make it in this industry. A look that lends to any style from sophisticated to grunge, a professional attitude and a desire to succeed. She’s been a writer for us at First Angel for some time now but it’s time for her to step into the spotlight. Everything witchy, wonderful and welcoming can be found on her pages, and a she’s gearing up her own socials to show off all she’s involved in; her music, attending shows, vegan lifestyle, and outspoken personality give her followers a lot to love and associate with their own lives. She’s coming out strong and we look forward to working with her more! She’s basically a vibrant, smart, sexy Carebear with attitude.. and if that’s not a thing, it’s one now.


Jae Asadi

Jae Asadi, rapper, photographer, model, producer, yet another of our models with a full plate that never quits. He’s constantly giving interviews, coming out with new music, and inspiring others as he shares his journey through life. Dark lyrics, deep emotions and giving his all in everything he does is what he excels at. President of Dark Mafia Entertainment, husband, father and all around artist. When Jae is part of what you do, you are his family and he’s got your back. That’s the type of support and commitment that endears him to everyone he works with. He’s still relatively new to some parts of the scene, but we’re going to be changing that soon. Definitely the character in the movie that everyone’s afraid of because they know he could kick their ass, but his team knew he was a sweet guy all along.


Miss Red

Miss Red is an alternative, tattooed, model who stands out in a crowd. She has been modeling for over ten years and has gained a rather large following in that time. She’s been recently published in magazines and worked on several music artists projects such as music videos and being on album covers. Always one to keep learning and sharpening her skills, she’s attended model workshops to grow her skills, including one by Cervena Fox on posing and the modeling industry. Her recent work with us was on the album artwork for Devils Never Cry.  She is currently planning a model tour that goes out as far as LA this summer so if you’re outside of the Pittsburgh area be sure to keep an eye out for her. Along with all of that she’s a photographer, graphic designer, works to beautify her surrounding community and… well, we could be here for hours talking about everything this stunning redhead has up her sleeve. Most likely to steal your heart… or make a deal with you to steal your soul…. but who’s complaining??


Danielle Tostevin

Danielle Tostevin is brand new to modeling, but wasted no time learning poses and finding ways to go further with this new career path. She’s taking it all in stride and looking to work with people to gain experience. Need a fresh face in the industry with a professional attitude? We have the one for you! Expect to see more of her as we dive into product and promotion shoots! Absolute poster child for what it takes to change the course of your life and go all in on your new path!


Joseph Barrett – Ravyn

Our final model to introduce you to is Joseph Barrett, aka Ravyn. As with most of our amazing modeling family, Joe isn’t… well.. your average Joe. Computer repair, supporter of the scene, model, author of the popular weekly feature Artists Uncovered, he’s also responsible for new content ideas and even began the talks for this modeling division, as well as our social media push into groups around the world. He’s been published in magazines, is up for vote in contests and he is currently one of my favorite models to work with. Always up for a new concept to try, it seems his upcoming shoots will be taking an even more artistic turn. He’s tied to Pittsburgh in multiple ways but also in scenes outside of the area as he’s a strong supporter of Industrial music. He’s been a real power house in our little corner of the world and we couldn’t be happier he’s on our team. 10/10 would stand and fight by this guys’ side in various aspects of life. 100% chance it’s already happened.


So there we have it folks, my friends and family at our First Angel Media Modeling Division. We started this with a small idea and it’s already grown behind the scenes. So much in store for you in the way of content, merch, images, video, calendars and… well, let’s just say the sky’s the limit for where we go from here.


Until next week,

~ Lady Jaye ~