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Ravyn XOctober 29, 2020

Thomas Crane, formerly Marion Crane, now killDevil Films, an independent film production company in Florida, is an artist in a class all his own. His dark visions and horror aesthetics literally bleed from the screen post-production. The immense catalog of music videos and artists he’s worked with has only grown exponentially year by year, with absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Being a former Art Institute student myself, I can truly relate to this man’s vision. Honestly, my favorite thing about video production was working on music videos. To see someone literally living my dreams, and at such a level of quality is truly refreshing. If I’m into it, killDevil is already doing it.

Horror films? Check. His first film “Halloween Party” is available on Amazon Prime. A 38 minute long short film. It’s raw, b-rated psychological horror, and really impressed me. It would appear that it was shot on a limited budget like you would expect, but the story-line and the gore are top notch. Well worth checking out.

Music? Yep. I love his creativity as a musical artist. Both as Marion Crane where he first started, as well as his latest music video under Thomas Crane, “Spook House”. Musically, it’s easy to listen to and enjoy, and contains all the great elements we have come to expect from metal bands with a mainstream following.

The main focus of this article is his music video production. No formal schooling under his belt, Thomas Crane started out making videos for his own band as a hobby. As one can see through his impressive catalog of over 80 different music videos, while he started it all as a hobby with “trial and error” techniques, his skills quickly excelled to a professional level since he began killDevil Films in 2016 and launching his career as a true artist. The cuts are always on time with the music. The camera angles and effects are very coordinated and executed with a precision not always seen. After speaking with him and reviewing some of the videos that really showcase the quality of his videos, with a rare ability to work within music using dark elements, I can honestly say that any artist connected to horror and dark storytelling would be hard pressed to find anyone more qualified to bring those visions to life – Whatever they may be.

Check out the following music videos, and if you’re an artist, killDevil should be given serious consideration for your next visual project.

Sister Kill CycleBlood Pact

Losing SeptemberContagious

New DilemmaPlaying Victim

War of ThronesChanneling Demons (director’s cut)

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