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Suzanne DeCree2 years ago17954 min
  1. Who is Katie Simone and why should you care?

Only one of Pittsburgh’s best-kept musical secrets. Katie has been one of the most sought-after and recommended singers in the Pittsburgh area for quite some time.

And she’s working on her first solo release!

I have gotten to see Katie work her magic live twice recently, once in a cover band she’s in and once rocking her own material.

This review is for her original material.

Katie opened with her band for the Borstal Boys’ CD Release party on September 23rd.

The set list:

  1. Walk Away
  2. Heaven Ain’t High Enough
  3. Wrong Tonight
  4. In My Head
  5. Untied

“Walk Away” a song that smacked of good, old-fashioned country rock. Think of two freight trains – one with the Eagles and the other with Lynyrd Skynyrd, with a slight edge to the Skynyrd train because I like them more than the Eagles.

I stood in awe throughout the entire set. The amount of energy that Katie unleashes on stage is amazing. This is a strong and confident woman who knows how to own the stage and rule the crowd.

Even more refreshing is the sheer amount of talent that she exhibits. In an age of autotune and electronic gimmickry, it is awe-inspiring to hear someone with such an amazing command of her voice.  While she tends to stay comfortably in chest voice, she has the ability to soar with high notes and as a fan of full operatic sopranos, those high notes did not disappoint.

“Wrong Tonight” was an interesting blend of the rhythm and feel of Tom Petty, the lyrics of Cheap Trick and a melody worthy of The Pretenders.

The set ended with Untied, a ballad worthy of any stage.  It was here where the warm and sultry tones of Katie’s voice really shone.

It seems fitting that with her energy and talent, Katie channels the best classic rock bands of the 80s. It is rare to find a voice that fits so well and so naturally within a genre. There are a lot of great voices out there, don’t get me wrong, but there is a naturalness to what Katie does that it’s hard to picture her doing anything else.

So, if you’re looking for a great rock show with all of the energy of a full-on metal band, Katie Simone should definitely be on your list!

Make sure you stay tuned for her upcoming album and gigs at KatieSimone.com.

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