Anon Mess Age Sage – A Different Message in Today’s World

    Jack Godmann, also known as Anon Mess Age Sage,  is a different sort. His music reaches into the far recess of the Mind leaving behind a message. His music is a completely new genre that is been emerging over the last few years. It’s not for the taste of everyone, but for those who enjoy it… They are captivated. Since meeting this man, I have found people looking for his type of music. People from this area, people from other places, and I have to wonder if maybe these people are from a new generation searching for music for the soul rather than something that touches them from past experience, it brings them to a new one.


    Though he is only been doing this sort of music for slightly over a year, the message behind it is intriguing. When asked what the message was he answered with, “Simple. Be yourself, even if it isn’t completely sane. Maybe everyone else is mentally ill.” Perhaps we are. Caught up in our day to day, searching for people who understand the experiences that we’ve had… Maybe we should be looking for new experiences. This non-genre music is definitely outside of the normal, but it’s supposed to be. It is supposed to remind us to not self-censor. The music is created as a collective of people Spirit, especially in these times of rage and upheaval. It is real and it is human.


    His latest album, “To Whom it May Concern”, is on some of the top album charts in France for its type. It is written for the generation to come after the insanity of now and has a very large following outside of Pittsburgh. Jack admits the following in Pittsburgh is not as much as he would like, but he did start outside of the area in Chicago. Perhaps the steel Town simply isn’t ready for him yet


    Jack himself States that he creates his music from a place inside of his soul that looks out at the world of now and sees that, “everyone is at each other’s throats, saying they’re crazy but we all are on some level, and that’s what makes you an original human being. We’re okay being crazy and you’ll find that some people’s crazy just might match up to yours.” I have to agree with them. I like the good crazy in this world, the originality, the non censored people who take their Flights of Fancy and, like me, use their poetic Souls to reach others like them. This is a statement that I can certainly get behind.


You’ll find Jack Goodman on Twitter under the moniker @AnonMessAgeSage and to see his charts in France check out More information on him can be found at : Give him a look , check out the artistic music with an open message to the world, and open your mind to what’s beyond.



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