Music ReviewsJ. Asadi – Overcoming The Odds – Dark Mafia Entertainment

Cody HowardJanuary 9, 2021

J. Asadi is a Pittsburgh underground Hip Hop artist and President of Dark Mafia Entertainment. With a label like that you would expect it to hit hard, and there’s no doubt about that! He has an exceptionally smooth voice with very clever punch lines, and the delivery is amazing. You can tell this man has the drive to keep moving forward no matter how tough things get. He is willing to put in the work no matter the odds, and is truly in love with his craft; willing to push himself to the limit in order to succeed.

His recent single “Mr. Sinister” is absolutely crazy! It’s got a lot of that old school rap vibe, and lives up to the “dark” in Dark Mafia with it’s lyrical content. I am 100% in love with it, just awesome. The single “Ballad of Negan” is really emotional with a really punchy bass line, and as a fan of The Walking Dead, the rhymes are accurate in the terms of the context of the hook, and he even references his full length album Lazarus Experiment during the track.

J. Asadi‘s 2019 single “Making of a Man” tells the story of a deep inner struggle between compassion and your instinct to survive no matter what, like separating two parts of your inner self that should work together but work against each other, and the end somehow finding a way to use the strengths of both to make you more powerful than ever. “Papa Don’t You Preach” is very catchy and nostalgic, like something Everlast would have made in the early 2000’s. I will definitely be adding this to my Spotify playlist!

J. Asadi keeps that dark side while also embracing the light of religion. He’s got a message to send and I absolutely approve of the style that he spits. He has a soothing yet powerful voice with amazing hooks, and is very inspiring. This man has good intentions and isn’t afraid to spill blood for his cause; whether it be real or lyrical in any sense. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to encounter this artist. J. Asadi is extremely talented and full of promise. I’m definitely looking forward to his upcoming album God Bless The Child slated for later this year. Links to his album The Lazarus Experiment, and the rest of his music can be found here.

Check out the video below for the track “Down 4 U“, produced by Pittsburgh’s Mike J Steelman as part of the Steelman the Movie soundtrack, with appearances by our very own Ravyn and the talented Layla Paige of The Babes of Brutal Business Entertainment!