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It’s time to “Rise” with “Shrouded In Neglect”

Now, I know I’ve said this a few times already, but hey…I don’t tell you how to live your life. “Shrouded In Neglect“, is another one of my favorite bands in the local metal scene! I truly cannot express how grateful I am to have such a class act like these guys in our scene. They’re known for going out of their way for their fans, but I’ll get back to that! These guys also have some big shows coming up, I’ll have these listed below. I’ll also include the music video for the song “Rise”, from when they played with “Suicide Silence”. You can find this video by clicking here.

Back to what I was saying before, back in 2015 I was very excited to go see “Mushroomhead” at the “Altar Bar”. Of course, we decided to get there early to catch all the local openers as well. There was a group who played before these guys, and well…part of the crowd left, another part completely turned around and faced away in protest. Me?, well someone gave me “Pacman” to play on their phone. Now, it wouldn’t be this bad, if it weren’t for their attitudes they displayed both on stage, and off. The crowd was gone. Skipping passed their set now, I started noticing more and more shirts that read “Shrouded In Neglect” on them. These guys took stage, then all of a sudden the venue was PACKED! Everybody was involved in the show, it felt like the guys had mind control over us. The same people who were just boo’ing and protesting, are the same ones in the middle of the pit, bangin their heads! I was a fan from the very start. They stole the crowd, and took total control before any of the big names even saw the stage. Bam! Just like that, I discovered an amazing new band, I now call friends. See what happens when you actually pay attention to the local openers?

Every now and then I’m still able to catch these guys playing. When I do, I always love hanging out with them after their set. A few months back, my ex had purchased tickets for a show back in November through the band. Due to shady dealings with the promoter running the show, the band decided to drop, and the promoter wasn’t going to allow us in with tickets bought from the locals. So these guy’s took it upon themselves to not only pay us back, but also gave us extra money from their pockets to ensure her and I could pay the extra fees to buy tickets at the door! These guy’s sare a true class act, and their music is crushing heavy!

You can catch “Shrouded In Neglect on these shows:

June 29th: at “The Union” in West Virginia, with “Swallowed Alive”, “Forsaken By Society”, and more

July 13th: at “The Vortex” in Akron, Ohio. With “Fallen Kingdom”

July 21st: “Slamfest, at “Mr Small’s Funhouse”

August 18th: at “The Rex Theater” with “Mushroomhead”, “Kissing Candice”, “The Browning” and “Psychostick”

September 15th: at “Ruby’s Live” in Columbus, Ohio. With “Into Pandemonium” and more (This is my birthday 😉)



Some photos from their performance at Millvale Music Festival, photo cred: First Angel Media


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