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Patrick McElravy9 months ago3345 min

Philadelphia nu-thrash/hard rock outfit Infinity have recently dropped their debut album “Awakening“. With a commanding presence and a knack for melody and blistering technicality, the band are ready to hit the road and not look back with their brand of aggro-thrash.

While “Awakening” doesn’t rewrite the handbook on old school thrash in any way, shape, or form….the band does however unite to provide a solid front with their influences on their sleeve. With their militant march and melodic affogato, the band fire away like the classic moments of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”, the groove and gravel of Machine Head, and the technical dexterity of a young Trivium minus the gutteral vocals. The vocals (while retaining that classic thrash vibe), carry a great deal of melody with underlying harmony that help elevate the songs and keep the album fresh and big sounding. The production is a little over saturated and muddy at times, but one can’t help but wonder if this was intended given the nature of the band’s influences. Despite this small set back, the band power through with superb proficiency.

Key cuts from the album include opener and lead single “Set Me Free” and the ballad “Terminal”. “Set Me Free” does a great job right off the bat setting you up for what to expect from the album. With it’s stellar lead work and infectious chorus, it’s clairvoyant as to why the band chose this as their lead single. “Terminal” does a great job of slowing down and allowing the band to show other soundscapes outside of their start-stop barrage of riffs and times changes. Smooth, melancholy clean guitars pick away as the vocals take a more melodic approach. Once again an exceptional guitar solo swoops in to wine and dine the listener’s ears.

Infinity‘s “Awakening” proves to be quite the debut from a younger generation of rockers engrossed in the roots of their influences.

As a young band they have already proven they are a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to watching “Infinity” grow and find their niche outside of the shell of their influences. The band are about to embark on a small East Coast tour and I have a funny suspicion this is only the beginning for this band. Be sure to purchase a copy of “Awakening” and catch them at a show as they hit the road!

Patrick McElravy

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