Music ReviewsiNCO FIdO- Elastic Reality

Earl T. PearlOctober 27, 2020

Before you even read this article, stop. Stop whatever it is that you’re doing, and just sit back, and reminisce on the last live show you attended, what was it? For yours truly it was sharing the stage with PGH Power Ska Bandits, iNCO FIdo! I could go on for days and days about how much of a spectacle these guys are to see in person, I mean come on? Where else are you going to find a local band that can fit a whole four piece horn section on stage AND a dude with a cowbelt (you read that right, look it up) and still kick ass? However, as great as they are live, iNCO‘s debut release Elastic Reality really captures the high energy and good old fashioned fun that these guys are known for. 

For starters, the opening track “876” will get just about anyone no matter how milquetoast, up on the dance floor and skanking. iNCO FIdo‘s singer Chuck Veri lays everything he’s got right there up and in front, and the intensity never stops throughout the entirety of the whole damn album. Moving on to the track “Mad Libs”, the tempo may slow down but the energy never does, delivering a powerful, soul filled ballad.

Things really start getting hot and heavy near the second half of the album, the songs Line Dancing” and “2 Scoops” really make the ultimate punk party couplet. While listening to “Party Shark” I definitely caught myself throwing a fist in the air and giving a Ric Flair “WOO!” while I was driving home from work listening to this bad mamajama. (Disclaimer: I do not condone Ska use and Driving). Wrapping up this masterpiece is a little ditty called “He’s Alright”. A beautiful piano ballad about the dangers of Substance abuse and Politics.

Back to my original statement, if you haven’t checked these guys and girls out live yet, you’re definitely missing out. Once you’re in the circle pit and “Party Shark” comes on, you’ll be instantly thrown back to lollapalooza 98′. All jokes aside, check them out and here’s a taste of what you can expect from their live performance!