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Darren Lewis7 months ago3253 min

It was like a well-attended family reunion that was being held on a misty Saturday night close to Halloween in a decidedly industrial part of town. The venue, Get Hip Records, also doubles as a record label, shop, and warehouse and was highly apropos for such a historic event and a general showcase for Icarus Witch, one of Pittsburgh’s most exciting metal acts.

Andrew D’Cagna, a multi-instrumentalist known for his work in Brimstone Coven and Ironflame, which has recruited Icarus Witch member Quinn Lukas, marked his first, official live appearance with the band in authoritative fashion. D’Cagna’s pipes were in fine, storytelling, traditional metal form while the fluid axework of Lukas recalled Chris DeGarmo and George Lynch as he picked away like an arena guitar god. The newest Icarus Witch album, Goodbye Cruel World, which had just dropped that day, was aptly represented along with back catalogue classics such as “Out For Blood” and “Black Candles,” D’Cagna singing them as if he’d been in the band from their beginnings in 2003.


Youngsters and School of Rock alumni Chasing The Sun put on a heavy, groove-laden, and impressively played set that was reminiscent of Black Label Society with a throat that called up Angel Witch’s Kevin Heybourne. Look for these lads in the years to come. I think they can mature into something special.

Pay attention to Icarus Witch as well if you haven’t already as they are deserving of gold and platinum rings.

Darren Lewis

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