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You may notice that my annual concert tally is down a bit from last year, but that’s what happens when life gets in the way. This is by no means a ranking. Rather, it is just log of shows I went to in 2019. Although, admittedly, the Iron Maiden gig would top my all-time list. And yes, the personal bias is strong on that one.

How many did yinz make it to? List them in the comments section on the FAM Facebook page or wherever along with your favorites. Even if it was just one, you supported the scene! We got the old reliable bands along with acts I never thought I’d get to see in my hometown, so this was a pretty good 12 months. Discuss!


All concerts occurred in Pittsburgh, PA unless otherwise noted.

(2/9) Legendary Album Series: Thin Lizzy’s Jailbreak (featuring members of Cruces, Limousine Beach, Argus, Outsideinside, Grand Piano, Molasses Barge, Beagle Brothers, and Stone Cold Killer) @ The Rex Theater
2. (2/21) Corrosion Of Conformity @ Mr. Small’s Theatre (Millvale,PA) with Crowbar, The Obsessed, and Mothership
3. (3/7) Immolation @ Cattivo with Derketa, Funerus, and Ritual Mass
4. (3/9) Riparian @ Get Hip Records with Post Mortal Possession, Enfilade, and Pagan Youth
5. (4/12) Hatebreed @ Stage AE with Obituary, Cro-Mags, Terror, and Fit For An Autopsy
6. (4/14) Children of Bodom @ Mr. Small’s Theatre (Millvale,PA) with Swallow the Sun, Wolfheart, and Summoner’s Circle
7. (4/17) Ulthar @ Howler’s Coyote Café with Pyrithe and Abysme
8. (4/23) Castle @ Howler’s Coyote Café with Smoke Wizzard
9. (4/27) Overkill @ The Rex Theater with Death Angel and Mothership
10. (5/3) Wretch @ Gooski’s with Molasses Barge and Olympic Village
11. (5/5) High Spirits @ The Smiling Moose with Savage Master, Argus, and Ironflame
12. (5/10) Iron Reagan and Sacred Reich @ Cattivo with Leeway and Enforced
13. (5/23) Primitive Man @ Brillobox with Body Void, Aseethe, and Pyrithe
14. (5/31) Cloven Hoof @ Cattivo with Crown of Earth, Lady Beast, and Limousine Beach
15. (6/4) The Lord Weird Slough Feg and Sanhedrin @ Spirit Hall with Icarus Witch
16. (6/10) Coheed and Cambria and Mastodon @ Stage AE with Every Time I Die
17. (6/13) Church of Misery @ Cattivo with Toke and The Atomic Bitchwax
18. (6/15) Royal Honey @ Howlers Coyote Café with The Legendary Hucklebucks
19. (6/29) Metal Immortal Festival (Razor and Night Demon with Lady Beast, Savage Master, Destructor, Ironflame, Fatal Curse, Legendry, and Outline) @ Mr. Small’s Theatre (Millvale,PA)
20. (7/20) Steel & Bone: Vol.1 (Horrendous, Tomb Mold, Immortal Bird, Superstition, Daeva, Ritual Mass, and Abysme) @ Cattivo
21. (8/17) Iron Maiden @ PPG Paints Arena with The Raven Age
22. (9/20) Descendants of Crom III Pre-Gala @ Howler’s Coyote Café (Icarus Witch, Submachine, Enhailer, Void King, Fox 45, and Motometer)
23. (9/21-9/22) Descendants of Crom III Festival @ Cattivo (The Obsessed, Brown Angel, Leather Lung, Backwoods Payback, Witchkiss, Lightning Born, Irata, and 20 other bands)
24. (10/7) Enforcer and Warbringer @ Cattivo with Enfilade
25. (11/11) Nile @ Crafthouse Stage & Grill (Baldwin,PA) with Terrorizer, Bravura, and Post Mortal Possession
26. (11/19) Suffocation and Belphegor @ Crafthouse Stage & Grill (Baldwin,PA) with Abiotic, Necronomicon, and Automb

Darren Lewis

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