Music ReviewsHooked On Reptiles

Jana Lee MachecaDecember 9, 2017



     While there are many events in the Pittsburgh area each year involving music, this was certainly a first in my book. A full day of fun that involved some of the more… interesting… sides of of many. On display were reptiles of all types from mundane to the exotic and the same could be said for those in attendance. Groups of happy people in street clothes to Gothic styles, and everywhere in between, gathered to see what was going on – some taking part in the flesh portion of the day. Sound odd? Maybe but then again, some people dress up their dog’s in tutu’s so “odd” doesn’t really fit here. This was a celebration of reptile lovers, people who wanted a chance to step outside of the ordinary and those who were simply curious. Oh… and did I mention the bands?



    The lineup consisted of some favorites of mine, Wretched Hive and Reign of Z, as well as newcomers to my music palette, Leprosy and Only Flesh. As the night of music began each band brought their best to the table and the night got darker in the most intense and delicious ways as it went on.


     Wretched Hive always has a great sound and energy to their shows, I’ve never been disappointed. They are metal but they have so much fun with what they are doing it shows through to the audience. They are a brotherhood and the way they interact with each other on stage is something that always makes me smile. Reign of Z is a recent development in Pittsburgh and they started off with amazing performances many talk about after but with each show I’ve seen they have found a way to fine tune their music and vocals. They have a CD coming soon for those wondering about this female fronted force of nature, so keep an eye out for what’s coming up next for them. 




    Leprosy stunned me. These guys had headbangers from the first song and kept it up the whole set. Good vocals for being such a hard band, too. Their music was well played, tight and the performance was insane. I also have to note that I got to see their guitar player as a robed demon and the rest of them covered in blood, which was totally a cool look for such a hardcore band. When this article is published I’ll be seeing them again at the Cannibal Christmas Bash at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls so stay tuned for more photos! Only Flesh absolutely killed with a stage performance that brought sparks, bubbles, and flesh hanging while they did their special punk-style hard core metal. While the vocals did growl it wasn’t overwhelming for those that may ask. It was a rare mixture that made me think back to the glory days of punk and metal. These guys certainly have their own style and it’s awesome!! Check them out if you haven’t yet and if you ever want to see what it really means to hang around and sing – this is your band!!


    This entire night was so outrageously fun and everyone had a great time. Amber Jordan had this brain child a while ago and got to put it into action at Spirit, which seemed to be the perfect location. She’s mentioned it won’t be the last event she puts together and I certainly hope not. We need more of this kind of thing. Events that bring people together and give us a chance to stray from the nine-to-five comfort zone so many are locked in. I wonder if she’s going to keep the reptile theme going? Not sure but I am certain of this. She’s here, she’s staying, and she’s moving forward with more of this. I couldn’t be happier.


To find the bands involved check out the Facebook pages below and give all of them a like while you’re there! The photos of the show can be found on the First Angel Media facebook page listed at the bottom of the band links. Enjoy – I know I did!!


~ Love, Lady Jaye ~


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Full album from show (not all photos posted so check out the band pages to see if they’ve posted more from what I captured that night!)